Unklian's G3 5 plank wagon ( Mike William's kit )

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    Well here goes with the intention anyway. The kit is for a Gloucester Carriage and Wagon built 5 plank circa 1887 . I have had this kit in the stash ever since Mike introduced it, and I acquired it because of its similarity to some wagons owned by the Isle of Wight Central Railway. It also comes from a very nice pattern by Geoff Nicholls of this parish . The aim then is to build it and alter it to suit . Here then is the kit as supplied , but with the wheels already 'treated' .


    The information on the prototype is a bit limited, I have one photo and a few dimensions in these two books . But as the IWC had about 200 odd wagons very few of which were the same, I am sure my model will resemble one of them !


    A few of the smaller parts are going to have to be changed to make the model more accurate for my chosen prototype as well. Mike put the very nice Slater's RCH buffers in this kit, but they are sadly the wrong pattern. Nevermind they will surely find a home elsewhere . The axleboxes need to be a plain greasebox and I think I might swap them for Mikes GER greaseboxes. I shall try and scan the photo next .
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    IWC wagon002.jpg

    And this is what I hope it will look like eventually . Points to note , inside angled strapping and 5 1/2 plank sides as per the kit . Narrow corner plates, taper buffers, plain grease boxes and light 5 leaf springs ( wagon was only rated 8 tons ) features different to the kit . Question now is ' how far to go ?'
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    All the way :D
    Go on, you know you want to...
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    It's those pesky corner plates they will be a beeatch to trim back, and then reinstate the plank joints . Hmmmm ....
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    I am still chipping away at this ( quite literally ! ) and the corner plates are now reduced in width. To hell with the dead line I think I am going on with this anyway . RIMG0680.JPG
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    Next job was to turn some William's Models Attocks axleboxes into plain grease boxes , by filing some details off . Unmolested casting top right ....


    Then I decided to tackle a bit of a problem. For some reason and like a lot of models of open wagons the sides were curving inwards .


    Filling the wagon with hot water sorted it out a bit. But then when I fitted the steel w-iron/chassis unit they curved in again ! After much trying I realised that because the steelwork was a bit tight it was forcing the solebars outwards, and this was causing the body sides to tip inwards. After scraping some material from the insides of the solebars making a bit more room the sides stayed straight . Hopefully if I stick the steel to the solebars firmly it will stay that way .


    Getting there ......

    ( note the bolts for the axlebox keeps are soldered in place, this solves a lot of agro fitting them when the wheels are in, they are trimmed to length last of all too )
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    And a sudden jump forward to a ( nearly ) complete wagon . The last big job being to concoct the brake gear from the kit parts with a few subtle mods . I say nearly , because clearing up the bench all smug like, I found the brake safety loops, ho hum . There setting now as I type this ...... I am going to leave the strip down and painting until after the G3 AGM tomorrow . A nice easy livery plain black all over, with some judicious weathering of course .

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    Hi Unklian, can I ask what was the prototype this kit is based on and what was the dia. number? was it built for the SR.

  9. geoff_nicholls

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    TheWilliams Models kit itself is an RCH 5 plank by Gloucester RCW.
    But Unklian found it could be kitbashed into something used on the Isle of Wight.
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  10. unklian

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    The prototype is illustrated in the second post of this thread. They did not last long enough to be given a Southern diagram number as far as I am aware .