7mm US model dabblings

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Jordan, 8 April 2013.

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    I can't say I'm surprised, they're a very small company with a vast product range and customers all over the world. It will be worth you picking up the catalogues that are of interest to you, but appreciate they don't always help themselves...

  2. Same scale as UK 00, but to 19mm gauge. Closer to scale than EM...
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    I'll also be watching with interest, although everybody knows that all the best locos were gray* with a red nose, or black and orange ;)

    Now, if there's opportunity to collaborate on a Tunnel version of that snoot SD40-2, I'll really be interested! (You might have gathered my interests from the aforementioned colors*)

    * - It's a US thread, so I feel compelled to use US English :D
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    There is a UK producer of US 'O' kits, which includes one of the SW models, who might do the Blomberg trucks. Only problem is I can't remember what they're called, but they have been at Telford before. I'll see if I can find an old list of traders to look through, that might prompt me.
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    Gilmaur, and they use Weaver drives...
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    Ah yes, that's the one. I didn't know they used the Weaver drives though. Their SW1500 is lovely, I very nearly bought one at Telford a couple of years ago.
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    Mmm yes and they both then went onto UP service.

    I think the T-2's were on SD45 frames, I'd have to check that and I'm not sure the snoot is the same 116" as used on the fast 40s, looking at photos my gut instinct is that they are 123" snoots on the former blood noses but standard 81" on the tiger stripe noses but could be the newer 88" standard nose if built after 77. There are two types of fast 40 snoots, the one slope and the two slope both 116" inches long, the one slope is a continual slope from front to rear,the two slope is sloped for the first 81" and then flat for the remaining 35" plug.

    I'd also like a B40-8, blood nose or Armour Yellow but I could go for Yellow and Blue warbonnet or Pumpkin and green.

    However all this is putting the cart before the horse, need to refine my scale and then begin to chew through all my photos and books to pick a subject matter and then hit Autocad for some etches.

    Trucks and their sources is a tougher nut to crack ATM it would appear.
  8. Gray and blue with a touch of black, highlighted with orange/gold...
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    Diesel Era Mar/Apr 08
    SP SD40T-2 part 1 detailed :thumbs:

    I may have part 2, need to check my pile of mags LOL, if not it'll be on my list to order or grab off Ebay, having nearly collected a full set of BRILL my next task is to fill the hjoles in my Diesel Era collection.
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    :eek: Uh-oh.... Color War ahead..... :confused: (note "Color" :D ;) )
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    And this time (for the record) the Blue Brigade are no way involved :D
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  12. There is blue in it, though...
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    :thumbs: Actually I wholeheartedly agree with this, as I can demonstrate with just one gratuitous picture....

    It's just that the gray is a very very light gray......:p
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    SOO does not look quite soo appealing.

    BTW - nothing to do with me either...
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    NOT YET;)
  16. Always thought it a shame that they didn't adopt the "bandit" scheme across the whole Soo fleet, rather than repainting the Milwaukee Road units into red and white.
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    John at teamtrack trading might have some Atlas O in stock

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    Clicky Link :)
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    That'll do me! Good price for a set of metal Blomberg sides I think. Probably drop for two sets for a GP-15/38 and a set for a MP15AC and maybe a third for a F7/FT or such like.

    Certainly going to look through some shops out there as stock seems so much cheaper than the UK, maybe pick up a couple of box cars and covered hoppers and run the risk through border control LOL.

    In other news, just setting up the drawings for different cabs and such like ready for CAD reference work, GE Dash 9 series and EMD modern comfort cabs (SD70M etc), still haven't found the drawings for the utilitarian letterbox window style on latest SD70ACe yet and need to sort the standard EMD cab shortly as well GP15-60 / SD35-60 etc.

    On the SD40 range, confirmed chassis is virtually the same for snoots, porches and tunnel motors and will fit SD45 as well. Some SP 40 tunnels run with the longer 123" nose so that's five noses in all to consider.
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    US Ebay drives me to distraction.:headbang: There's New Atlas O 2-Rail rolling stock on there for Buy It Now prices often less than £30... BUT the Shipping to the UK is often more than that :mad: THEN HM Customs will add their cut AND Royal Mail will add their Fe for telling you to pay HM Customs :rant: ..... that's how come US stuff gets to be so expensive over here these days.... :rant::rant::rant: "Rip Off Britain" is alive and well....