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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by John D, 2 November 2011.

  1. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    I notice in the 'other rmweb place' that they now do a monthly e-mag, the second of which has just appeared. In it there's an excellent article on weathering a Slaters 1:32 P.O. wagon by Buckjumper of this parish.....nice one! :thumbs::thumbs:
  2. Buckjumper

    Buckjumper Flying Squad

    Thanks John! One fine day I might even get round to building the other 1:32 kits here...
  3. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    Guilty of having a quick squint at that this morning.:oops: ;) Pen-Y-Bont is nice - looking forward to seeing this at Wolverhampton this weekend!!

    I don't know if there was a problem with the first one they did, but my computer was telling me it would take something stupid like 34minutes to download the PDF..?!?! This second issue downloaded in about 30 seconds... much better!!
    Not sure if I'd go with the title "Modelling Inspiration"... granted it's all good & informative stuff, but as most all of it is beyond my immediate range of interests, none of it has actually inspired me as such... or am I just being a bit negative..?
  4. Buckjumper

    Buckjumper Flying Squad

    Jordan - there were two versions of #1, a 12MB one and a 40MB one, the latter caused some problems during the server issues over there which probably contributed to the long download. The latest is 18MB in size.

    We're all inspired by different things - sometimes a model, sometimes a place or prototype, sometimes an old photograph...whatever, so no you're not being negative, just honest.
  5. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    Probably the 40Mb one I tried, then... :oops:

    What do we reckon to the impact these "E-mags" might make on the "real" paper mags then? Some seem to think this will make real in-roads on sales of the "Big Four" in the UK... I'm not so sure - the same was thought would happen due to Forums themselves, but there's a certain 'something' about having a mag in your hand - see the new Guild Mag thread here for instance.
    I look at an American E-mag "Model Railroad Hobbyist" which is a more advanced version of RMweb's (and naturally all US-outline too), but it wouldn't stop me buying a US mag if there was something in it I liked.
    Admitedly I'm coming at this from a position of being a "rather infrequent" mag buyer anyway, though I like to browse them all in 'Smiffs' - those that aren't in bags of course....:D ;)
    The one big bonus with RMweb's mag is that at least it doesn't feel like a "Hatton's Advert Magazine with free Modelling Supplement"... which is what the likes of Model Rail & Hornby Magazine feel like to me...:rolleyes:
  6. Pugsley

    Pugsley Western Thunderer

    Yep, I can't imagine reading a PDF whilst sat on the loo!
  7. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    You need iPad for reading PDFs comfortably. Best of all are the apps that military illustrated modeller and others use, even Simon was quite impressed!
  8. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    The only "i-..." gadget in our house is the wife's i-Ron..... :D :rolleyes:

    /coat already on.....
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  9. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    I seriously doubt they'll dent sales at all, or at least not till all the old farts like myself have shuttled off our mortal coils, our places being taken by the blackberry/kindle generation. Don't get me wrong the interweb is a wonderful if time sapping thing, but the best bit about it is that it's interactive. Here we get to participate in the articles about layouts, dioramas, stock and structure modelmaking. If we want clarification we can ask, a photo of the hidden bits, no problem; we even get to offer unsolicited advice. An E-mag, no matter how good, not only lacks this but also the intrinsic loveliness of print on paper. So a good thing no doubt, but an extra, not a competitor.
  10. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Thought provoking post, I hadn't considered it from that angle before, but I think you are right.

    Thinking about old farts and their propensities for interaction, it is perhaps telling that in G1MRA online-land the vast majority of active members ignore a forum a bit like this one and instead insist on sticking to their outmoded Yahoo group. After years of following and sometimes posting, one gets the distinct feeling that interaction is the very last thing that they want.

    A recent episode following a "non consensual" but polite and well observed input leaves me in despair for their future really, I guess they'll be the last to forsake paper.

    So, in the old farts department Neil (I'm at least a junior member), we've got a waaay to go yet:p

    Apologies for talking about G1MRA in a wholly irrelevant place, I've got to keep dodging around to avoid detection.....

    A concerned reader

    B*gger, I've just realised that this is the G1/32 section
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  11. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    On the whole I'd agree with you, there is only one E-mag I regularly read, Railway Herald, http://railwayherald.org/, which is a nice weekly round up of activities on the 12":1ft scale. However as you say not a competitor because I'd never consider buying one of the dead tree periodicals.
  12. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    I'm only a bit younger than you :)
    I have lots of stuff on iPad, that way if I have 5 minutes I can access it quickly. It may well be that I am more receptive to technology or shiny new things but I find it really handy, I also tend to scan stuff to leave in Dropbox so I can access it anywhere.
  13. Pennine MC

    Pennine MC Western Thunderer

    That's pretty close to my own view and whilst I appreciate that the intention is probably to find (yet another) way of showcasing premium content, that's one reason why I dont see this particular e-mag (I dont want to be invidious but it's difficult not to discuss specifics) as a path that will lead anywhere meaningful in the longer term. That's based on the visible evidence of course, there could well be other factors at play that we're not party to.

    Less objectively and more technophobically, I loathe PDFs at the best of times and I've found it impossible to navigate meaningfully and hard to view on a Netbook screen, and the notion of printing it off, with ink the price it is, surely raises cost considerations getting on for what a paper mag costs.

    There are a lot of folk over there drawing comparisons (in favour of the e-mag), seemingly driven by the 'everything on the Internet is free' ethos:rolleyes:, but the judgements are not being made on a level playing field, the economics are completely different.
  14. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    With you on that, printing to read seems to defeat the whole purpose to me.
    Personally I'm not comfortable with the 'premium content' idea, and I'm not sure it is necessary, although there is the possibility of charging a nominal fee and opening another revenue stream. The thing with all these things is the time it takes to write and compile, taking away the quick and informal communication of a web forum.
  15. Pennine MC

    Pennine MC Western Thunderer

    Depends on the context I suppose. It wouldnt be here,and the sheer variety of the content would make it difficult to establish 'pecking orders' even if such a thing were desired (and I'm sure it isnt). But on a larger forum, there'd no doubt be frequent calls for separating wheat from chaff. The sticky job of course is deciding which is which...

    I dont think anybody's suggesting you should do one, Cynric:D But yes, it does move another step away from the concept of something that's 'by the members, for the members', and is another blurring of the distinction between forums and other media.
  16. Old Buffer

    Old Buffer Western Thunderer

    As an "OLD FART", of the two types of mag I will still go for the paper one, (after I've scanned them at Smiths), at least with a paper one you can mark the pages of interest, or even cut them out as I do, without having to trawl through section after section looking for what it was that caught your eye. The only problem with the paper ones is the cost.
    Having said that I think open forums beat both emags and paper mags hands down, my reasoning behind this is.
    1. There is no editor (as such) to decide what is going into the forum as there is with either type of mag.
    2. Questions can be answered quickly (by discussion and banter) in an open forum instead of waiting weeks for an answer from a mag.
    3. There isn't the "personal touch" in a mag as there is with a forum.
    That's it I've had my 2p for what it's worth.