Weakness has made me get a 4mm class 52!

Discussion in 'WR Action' started by Bagpuss, 11 February 2019.

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    I have acquired my self from the well known action site a new little project, as in a fit of weakness I thought it had some potential.

    As I like the Western region and the Hydraulics I have now got a 4mm Lima class 52 in maroon livery. It has had some slightly dodgy weathering done, in my opinion. Others my think its OK? I have slightly toned down the black on the main body work. The Loco has had it coupling removed at one end and some white metal detailing added.

    I was a bit worried on closer inspection that the buffers look a bit big. Any thoughts welcome.

    I have today sprayed the white metal items with grey primer as it came with just the parts fitted.

    It cost little money so I am happy with it so far, it is running OK.

    Thinking that I would like to fit a more neat coupling to the other end of the loco. Any one done this with one of the Lima 52s as the original seems to be just moulded to the under side of the power boogie. 20190211_152056.jpg 20190211_152141.jpg 20190211_152410.jpg
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    Thanks for the link Jim. I will be having a look with interest at the improvments.
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    I always had a soft spot for my old Lima Western; I did mine as D1041 Western Prince, but could never bring myself to weather it in the state the real D1041 got into by late '76.
    The Lima Western was always viewed as better than the contemporary Hornby version, even if the Hornby one actually had a better profile, especially around the cabs. But the split body & front valances, shiny undersize wheels and basic bogies without brake rigging were much worse than Lima's model errors.
    Aside from all the detail mods required - the roof fans are going to be a killer to correct to being offset - to get any Lima diesel to run better with it's pancake motor, add more weight. It was a tip I read way back in the '80s and certainly seemed to work. :thumbs:
  5. Bagpuss

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    Thank you tip to make the pancake motor run better. I dont think the Lima runs any worse then my Triang 1960s locomotives that I am use too.
    I have never bought any thing modern! I will not be going very far with the mods and detailing of the Western next thing is I need to add screw link coupling to the buffer beam. Wont be changing the fans, they will have to stay as they are. My Western does seem rather heavy, so I wonder if a previous owner has already added more weight. Have not bothered to looked inside to find out if it is weighted.
  6. Jordan

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    The great thing about this hobby is there's no "have to" about it, so the level or extent of detailing is up to you :thumbs:
    I've dug out the only surviving photo I have of my Western, & it must have been taken after I'd done most of the detail (I didn't touch the fans or cab fronts either!) but before I fitted etched name & number plates, or changed the headcode, which I know I did change to 1O41.
    I remember reading an article in the old Rail Enthusiast mag about D1041's journey into preservation at Bury. She was repainted for the 1980 Horwich Works Open Day, so as I couldn't bear to weather my model I decided to model her in that condition, hence the white tyres.
    It was a second hand model too, which came with the black scratches under the cab side window. I never did get those off, either!!! :oops:
    D1041 (1).jpg
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    Your Western looked good and I can see why you decided not to weather it, as it was nice in a new look BR blue.
    Definitely won't be doing the cab mods and as you say its OK to add as much or as little as one likes to the model.
    I think when the Locomotives are on a layout its the overall look that is more important. I will be trying to improve the weathering a bit more as I am not happy with the look yet. The person who did it, has used a lot of just black and its proving hard to remove and I dont want to damage the original paint.