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Discussion in 'Talk' started by Simon, 18 January 2013.

  1. Dog Star

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    Crofton? Probably most GWR enthusiasts.

    Sharing the moment? Yes and as per the puzzle found by Adrian - that is the print which I have on the wall.

    To plagarise a title worthy of being read... "Sigh for a Saint".
  2. Jordan

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    This thread is fantastic... we can't even talk about that most British of subjects, The Weather, without going waaaay off topic......:)) ;) :thumbs:
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  4. Dog Star

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    Brings out the best in you Jordan, write on... :thumbs:
  5. Dog Star

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    As no one has thought to mention the possibility - Weather Report "Birdland"... and other interesting pieces.
  6. Simon

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    Ah, musical references....

    I have just been sent a tuneful link related to the current weather from the very marvellous Bill Smarme:thumbs:

    See what you think:p

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  8. bogusman

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    That made me laugh Simon thanks. The weather in Windsor at the moment is heavy snow coming down and starting to settle on the ground in some areas. As for Dan are you snowed in yet ?

  9. mickoo

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    We eventually had just under 4" on Sunday/night so Monday I bagged this on terminal, GBRF 66702 on the 4M02 FLXS-Hams Hall & 70009 on the 4M89 FLXS-South Ditton. Not common to see a 70 on FLXS at all.

    Today I bagged these before heading to hospital and it's turning milder already, by the time I got home (21:00) there's big patches of grass showing, glad I go these this morning as I reckon the chance of more decent train snow shots at the weekend are about nil, though I do have tomorrow off but that's tied up with more hospital.

    First up was 70019 on 4R97 FLXN-Tilbury

    Next the local sprinter that beetles up and down the line hourly, 153306 on the 2R09 Felixstowe-Ipswich service.

    And finally 66565 on the 4M88 FLXS-Crewe
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  10. queensquare

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    This was the workshop a couple of days ago, thankfully the insulation is good so nice and snug inside!


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  11. Captain Kernow

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    Recent views from the west wing of Kernow Towers, a bit of telephoto used to remove the houses in the foreground:


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  12. PMP

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    -7c school run yesterday

  13. Osgood

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    An outstanding photo!

    If you then tell me it's 7mm scale I'll throw all my modelling tools out of my pram [​IMG] Smiley digging.gif
  14. Simon

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    Stunning, a mere "like" in this instance is just not enough:thumbs:

  15. Captain Kernow

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    Very convincing 'weathered wood' colour on that old fence post, too, Paul...:D
  16. Ressaldar

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    an excellent photo, well done


  17. PMP

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    Ta muchly!, the snapping has taken a back stage of late, but after a session recently with the weather and some modelling photography, I may get back into the swing of it again.
  18. Pennine MC

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    It's 2mm, isn't it:drool:
  19. Buckjumper

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    Not good enough - you missed out a couple of rivets ;)
  20. iploffy

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    More of the White stuff planned for tomorrow