Weathering wagons

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    Thought i would have a go at a different method on weathering wagons.

    The wagon was first given a wash of enamel smoke grey and burnt umber, while the paint was still wet i used a craft knife to scrape some charcoal pastels grey and rusty red over the top. When all was dry a quick wash over with Citadel paints Nuln Oil.
    Personally, i love these paints.
    This is the result, one rather rusty looking wagon.
    No weathering powders were used in the making of this wagon.

    IMG_0732.JPG IMG_0733.JPG IMG_0734.JPG
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  2. Ikcdab

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    this looks fantastic, well done, excellent result.
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    I have not seen it done like that before! Looks amazing, brilliant work!

    John :)
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