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    I have been using Autodesk Fusion 360 to create a wheel generator, you pop in the table the parameters you need such diameter, spokes, crank throw, spoke on spoke or between etc. and the wheel in generated which can be exported as a 3D print, tyres need to be sourced, but I designed some Manning Wardle wheels some time ago which Modelu printed and were fitted to Exactoscale tyres. table.JPG 9F2.jpg Peckett wheels axle v3.png wheels 5.JPG
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    I've been fighting my way through Fusion 360 in the last few weeks and you've just made me search out User Parameters on Google - maybe later. :):)

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    2019-03-23.png Fusion 360 Tutorials

    The above is a link to some very straightforward learning videos and material that I have been using for a week. I have just managed a couple of buffer drawings so far but aim to get more sorted now I have bought a resin 3D printer thing.
    Hope they are of use.
    Just changed the Craven LBSCR Bottle type buffer drawing to a new one as I had noticed I had the washers and nuts on a slightly different plane. Just sorted it out this morning. Now to try a Brighton oil lamp housing and a chimney etc.
    Ian in Blackpool 2019-03-13 (3).png View attachment 101049
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    Well, I just printed my first buffer, the Craven LB&SCR bottle shaped thing. I used a resolution of 0.035mm for the z-axis and I printed 8 of them in one hour and three minutes. I am very pleased with the Anycubic Photon printer. I shall have to get busy now with the other parts needed! The base is 8.6mm square and the web around the nut is 0.2mm thickness. Cheers Ian in Blackpool 99 cropped.jpg
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    Well I'm loving this! I may even get all the parts I need drawn so I can finish some early Craven LB&SCR locos! 20190325_223056.jpg
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    So, I am following Mike Trice's advice regarding printing at 0.035 per layer and now using a grey resin. 7mm at left, 4mm at right. Soon have some Craven carriages completed at long last! 20190401_225213.jpg
    And am still learning how to use the software but I have a Minerva Manning Wardle so play time!
    Needs a bit of tweeking - I forgot to put slots in for the safety valve levers, but I'm learning!
    Cheers Ian
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    lamp top bung.jpg lamp top.jpg
    Continuing to be impressed by the resolution that this machine can produce. The holes in the top of the side of the lamp cover are 0.2mm diameter and the handle on the top of the lamp bung is a bit less than that in thickness. Both 7mm scale. Surprisingly strong once UV cured.
    This is using a different manufacturers resin - Elegoo Rapid Resin. Selling on Amazon for just over £15 for a 500ml bottle with the discount coupon. And these were painted white so just a bit of weathering to add!
    The downside of this is all the possibilities this is creating in my head and so I now have a fairly long list of bits to try. Its a real brain workout this 3D CAD business as well! There's a Monty Python line there somewhere!
    Cheers Ian in Blackpool - modelling the 1870's LB&SCR.
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