York Model Railway Show 2019 20/21/22nd April

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  1. MartinWales

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    The 57th York Show will take place at the Knavesmire Stand, York Racecourse over Easter weekend, the 20th/21st/22nd April 2019

    Opening times as follows:

    Adults £9
    Child £4 (under 5's are free)
    Family £22

    An opportunity to buy advance tickets is available until 8th April via the website-yorkshow.org, which is not only cheaper, but allows the holder to gain entry 15 minutes before the general public.

    Highlights this year include:
    Arun Quay-Gordon Gravett
    Black Lion Crossing-Geoff Kent
    Halifax Kings Cross-Steve Hall
    Hebble Vale Goods-Karl Crowther
    Heybridge Wharf-Mike Corp
    North Ballachulish-Andy Cooper
    Purgatory Peak-MMRG

    See you there!
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  2. MartinWales

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    Bump! This coming weekend!
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  3. John K

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    Helmthwaite & Chapel Lane in 7mm will be there.
    Come and say hello.
    John K
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  4. MartinWales

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    Indeed! I will be the one running around trying to co-ordinate stewards!!
  5. ullypug

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    Why do I have the Benny Hill theme tune in my head...
    See you Friday at some point. I'll be helping our Karl on Hebble Vale
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  6. MartinWales

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    Ohh gooody! Shades of Hedge End! It has been 5 years!
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  7. matto21

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    Silly question but is there a better day to go? Is Sunday quieter at all?

    Slim chance of going but would have to bring the baby so whatever is the quieter day would be better.
  8. steve1

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    Sunday or Monday are quieter.

    I shall be there as a Steward on Monday.

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  9. matto21

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    Well I drove the three hours from N Wales to York on Sunday. I booked an overnight stay in a hotel. I was on my way to the venue this afternoon when darling baby had a meltdown in the car so we had to abandon it and head home!

    So near yet so far! At least the weather was nice and we managed a visit to the NRM!

  10. MartinWales

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    Never mind Matto! Have got a spare programme here if you want it.....................
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  11. Rippers

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    I understand that you have cornered the market in red and white tape too!:D
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  13. iak63

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    Bloody good show!!!

    And that concludes the vote frae the Padgate jury...
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  14. matto21

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    I was gutted - really wanted to see Arun Quay and Black Lion Crossing amongst others!

  15. MartinWales

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    Watch this space....they may be appearing at a show near you!