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  1. AJC

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    Chimneys seem to have been a regular mod' - I've seen the concrete castings double-stacked, jacked up with bricks and, like these, replaced. A weakness in the design?

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  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    It may well have been a design weakness, obviously the taller the chimney the better the draw.
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    Yorkshire Dave

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    Next up is this Intentio flat pack - a 1970's style Portakabin.

    Like the previous Intentio kits I have built this one also falls together....

    PC 03.jpg

    PC 04.jpg

    I replaced the fold-up card corner posts with suitable Evergreen styrene angle and added the soffets from styrene strip.

    PC 05.jpg

    Then painting began.

    The building was primed with a light grey primer then followed by several washes to give the building a used look - all Vallejo acrylics let down with water. Stone grey, black/grey and dark rust with the occasional hint of green. The frame was painted black/grey and the window frames Tamiya Flat Aluminium.

    PC 11.jpg

    PC 12.jpg

    PC 14.jpg
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    Dave, as usual, you manage to get the best out of my kits. I really like the additions of the soffit and I take that into account on the next release of the kit.
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    A bit more work on the Portakabin.

    The building was glazed last night and today I attended to the roof.

    Some styrene strip was laid around the edge of the roof to create a lip, painted with Woodland Scenics asphalt paint and whilst wet sprinkled Woodland Scenics fine soil turf. When dry I zapped it with a rattle can varnish to seal it. After this it was then dry-brushing and washes. The roof and supports are not permanently fixed yet.

    PC 19.jpg

    PC 15.jpg
    PC 16.jpg
    PC 17.jpg
    PC 17a.jpg
    PC 18.jpg

    And finally the door....

    .....I gouged out some of the MDF from the bottom then stuck a layer of paper over the door. Once this was dry I cut the paper with a knife over the gouged area pushed this in as if it had been 'kicked in'. I also attacked the door with a blunt instrument. Once completed the door was painted followed by washes and dry-brushing.

    The door handle was made up from bent wire and the escutcheon plate from styrene. The sweep at the bottom of the door was made from styrene and painted with Tamiya Flat Aluminium

    PC 20.jpg

    The door ajar here shows the 'aluminium' sweep at the bottom of the door.

    PC 22.jpg

    Still to be made are the steps, window security grilles and an electrical junction box.
  6. Alan

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    To be honest, the Like button is not enough sometimes, and this is one of those times.
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    Very nice Dave. I'm glad you mentioned security grills, particularly as the door has been kicked in....
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Now with added security.... on six windows at least - I ran out of mesh and will have to trawl the spares box to see if I can find some more to complete the three remaining windows. Small pieces of styrene represent the security mesh fixing brackets.

    Quite simply the window security mesh was made up from 0.9mm brass wire and mesh soldered together. The Portakabin logo was a t'interweb download and scaled.

    PC 24.jpg
    PC 25.jpg
  9. spikey faz

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    I used a small piece of net curtain to recreate mesh on a model I made some years ago. Just painted it rusty brown and worked a treat. Probably best you don't take a snip out of the nets you've got hanging up in your house though!

  10. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Thanks for the tip - I'd never considered net curtain.
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Who would of thought a mundane 'wouldn't give a second glance' building would require a lot of work.

    Tonight I made up a security grille for the door, made up the steps and a handrail.

    PC 26.jpg
    PC 29.jpg

    May turn it into a NSE station diorama and paint the town red...

    PC 28.jpg
    Roadside station sign made up from tube and a downloaded image with a new name in the correct British Rail typeface downloaded from t'interweb. Rail Alphabet was designed by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert as part of the 1964 BR modernisation. The same people who redesigned the road signs.

    PC 27.jpg
  12. AJC

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    Just superb, Dave.

  13. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Thanks Adam. The faded red is how I saw it in the NSE commuting days from Luton or Leagrave to Farringdon.
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    Very nice, Dave!

  15. Dan Randall

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    Love where the paint has worn off from the handrail. :thumbs:


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  16. AJC

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    Precisely - the all over red look I associate with whizzing along the South Western mainline, 159s, electromechanical clocks and all. Very evocative. And of course still present in odd corners.

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  17. oldravendale

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    By the look of that station sign and the kicked in door your model people live in a pretty rough part of town......
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  18. Yorkshire Dave

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    I was (and am) just messing around trying to recreate something as observed rather than with rose tinted spectacles :rolleyes:.
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  19. Jordan

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    I just thought it was evidence, not of a rough neighbourhood, but a hard previous life on building sites, with safety-booted builders going in the site office with their hands full of tools, plans, boxes of kit, mugs of tea, etc... ;) :)
    If it was a break-in the damage would be up around the handle.
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  20. oldravendale

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    True, Jordan. But look at the air rifle pellet scars on the station sign. Those mesh guards look as though they've only just been fitted too, otherwise the bottom of those would be kicked in as well. The contractors are clearly trying to protect something of importance. Probably their tea mugs......:D

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