7mm Yorky D's Küchentisch - Slides - Weymouth Harbour 1961 and others

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Yorkshire Dave, 30 May 2016.

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    Perhaps an 'easy' solution would be to make the 'H' into an 'F' - suitably weathered to hide the change?

    Stay safe and well


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  3. simond

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    that shape Transit started in ‘66, so Dave could get away with that, but I guess he won’t like it. If you google “Mk1 Transit” images, you’ll find the prototype.

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    Ah, I wonder who would spot the infinite improbability, faux pas, etc, etc ;) - a good observation, as it so happens I re-registered the old tranny last night with a G plate cropped from a t'interweb photo :).


    So sad I even searched out coke cans to check for a 1969 version :rolleyes:. However, I took a bit of licence with mine and put on the wavy line so it could be instantly recognised otherwise it was just white lettering on a red can.
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    It's bound to happen..... :rolleyes:
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    And now all the way from Dorset, I see...

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    It did just suddenly make me think though..

    When did the coca-cola swirl come in.. You're about 2 years too early.. Maybe it is an old newspaper :bowdown:

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    Next up on the block is this cheapo from Oxford Die Cast - not a well detailed as the Corgi transit.

    A bit of research shows this may be based on a 1961 Bedford CA van as the front grille subtly changed over the years. Warning - sun glasses required initially.

    The story so far...... as usual glooped with paint.
    BCA 01.jpg
    BCA 02.jpg

    After stripping down the casting is crisper. The radiator panel corners were too square so these were rounded before the etch primer was applied. BCA 10.jpg
    BCA 11.jpg

    Followed by a coat of etch primer. I also cut out the drivers door with a piercing saw, however I lost the top part due to the lack of space in which to move the saw. BCA 13.jpg
    BCA 14.jpg

    Then Wrath Bone base coat. BCA 15.jpg

    Several washes of dark prussian blue, oxide, dark grey, dirt and some rust..... turned into a battered and faded van. One rear window received a replacement wooden panel, the door handle is a BR coach door handle from Laurie Griffin. The etched windscreen wipers are by Hauler and the wing mirrors are from a Weinert HO lorry etch detail set.
    BCA 16.jpg

    The interior does not have the same finesse as Corgi so when finished the Bedford van may well end up hidden at the back of a yard.
    BCA 17.jpg

    One item which requires attention are the headlights, they should stand proud of the front with a chrome bezel. Something to work out.
    BCA 18.jpg
    BCA 19.jpg
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    Lovely job. You could turn the bezels from ally rod, I guess.

    I recollect these having a sort of “eyelid” or “peaked cap” sticking out over the top of th headlights, but a quick Google suggests this was an upmarket optional extra, typically found on the Dormobile versions (which were built on the site in Folkestone where our factory is now)

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    When I were a lad...... I played in a band - mainly drums but base, piano and harmonica too (sorry, the late great Leonard Cohen called it the mouth organ, so who am I to argue?) and the (borrowed) Bedford van was our transport. Bands and other things were more of a concern than to worry about which model of Bedford van we were driving.

    I new it'd never catch on so I left and got a proper job. Initially in a greengrocer's.:D

    Oh dear, gone off on a tangent again. Sorry Dave.

  11. Yorkshire Dave

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    No problem, perhaps I should have had the rear doors open with a drum kit, a couple of guitars and amps in the back....

    Now there's a thought for the next one.....;)
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    I presume the factory is not haunted by Dormobile ghosts driving around.
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    not seen any!
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    Hmm, I wonder what happened to them...? :))

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    I did own one of these many moons ago, had a side loading door.
    Also any moons ago ( 2011 ) I posted this on WT. Eastsidepilot Gallery #13

    Ford Transit.JPG
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    Two very nice vans Dave, great work.
  18. Yorkshire Dave

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    Album 1700.jpg
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    I don’t recall seeing that Bedford van in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome........
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    Dave, where do you get your number plates from? I've changed computers and when trying to put my version of Coral Draw Essentials to make some so the programme seems as if it is lost to me for ever.I got to the bit about Licence number and discovered that it had gone Lost forever. Unless anybody knows how I can get the licence number back.