7mm Yorky D's Küchentisch - Slides - Weymouth Harbour 1961 and others

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  1. Yorkshire Dave

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    Hi Alan

    I cheat by downloading photographs of vehicles with the correct year number plate and edit/crop them using Affinity (a photo editing suite). I also manipulate perspective if the photo is taken at an angle.

    I've tried to produce my own but cannot find the correct Charles Wright typeface used up to the 1970s to download. This typeface has been progressively modified rather than give the new version a new name.

    I also looked at the online number plate creation site suggested by Adam in your thread, however I found the typeface is too modern (i.e. too square) for vintage plates which have more rounded letters and numerals for example G, O, 3, 8 etc.

    Talking of the Dodge Kew flatbed I came across this.
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  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    A layout, more like a shunting plank and test track!

    The enforced working from home in the current situation does have it's advantages - it gives me 3 hours back in the day as I don't have to commute (except the 08.15 stairs cancelled due to congestion).

    Therefore as well as building the photo diorama I have also recycled a baseboard and built a switch lead extension for a micro O scale layout using the Peco Setrack. The whole ensemble measures 1700 x 260 mm.

    Track painting was finished today and a base coat of ground cover applied.

    It took me several attempts to get the coastal backscene right with the horizon at 7mm figure eye level. All painted with artists acrylics.

    With some stock. The letterbox in the front will be covered with an aluminium socket plate.

    The switch lead also has scenery for this type of photo. The Kingspan blocks will be sculpted into a sand dune and concrete retaining walls will be made as if the line was built through a levee. A WWI block house and pill box will be built to disguise the join.

    And the switch lead is long enough to hold a loco and two wagons. M11.jpg

    And the rear to make it interesting if it was ever exhibited.
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  3. simond

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    Good on both sides...
  4. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    For the 'layout' and to accompany the ROD loco and WWI figures I've been hunting for a Thornycroft J lorry.

    I can find plenty of kits for 1/32 and 1/72 but not 1/43 or 1/48 scale........ until I came across one produced in 1/48 for wargaming from Sloppy Jalopy.

    It's fundamentally about a 25 piece whitemetal kit which looks like a Thornycroft J and the casting is not up to the standard I'm used to.

    So far the parts were cleaned up and soldered together where I could. The 'windscreen' surround was cast and I replaced this with brass wire. The brass parts on the photos are scratch built items from scrap etch to replace either the poorly cast (mudguards, front canvas strap support) or non-existent (steps) parts. A Tamiya GAZ truck kit was raided to provide the engine underside, rear axle transmission box and the steering wheel.

    At the end of the day, when completed, there will be a bit more detail on the lorry than supplied in the basic kit i.e. not much. And there is detail yet to add.


    And of course the Thornycroft J chassis is the same as used for the LGOC (General) B type bus which is also produced as a 1/48 kit either as the LGOC or WWI troop carrier variants by Sloppy Jalopy. Mmmmm methinks............ :)

    Which means you can have a pre-group layout with the obligatory bus on the bridge.... :D :p :rolleyes:.
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  5. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I purchased these for the micro layout thinking they were operational (as I could not find a UK supplier for the Caboose Industries switch lever), but alas not - they are dummy levers......

    point 1.jpg
    .......however, not to be dismayed I altered them to function.

    point 2.jpg
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  6. AJC

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    Oh very nicely done! I've assembled a few of the 4mm versions and thought at the time that the mod was on in 7mm (the late Ivan Smith who designed them reckoned it was possible when I mentioned it - along with the culture shock of attending 7mm events!). Much better looking than the Caboose Industries one, too. ;)

  7. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Knowing full well the Thornycroft J is primarily a 1/48 wargamers model it's appearance was still gnawing away.

    So...... I narrowed the front bulkhead, added a strip of scrap etch across the top of this and made up two brackets from some more scrap etch. I also added a piece of scrap etch to the lower part of the radiator.

    The 'bull bars' were relocated backwards slightly and a new brake lever made from scrap nickel silver etch. The roof canvas, cab side sheeting and straps were made up from a lens cleaning cloth.


    The propshaft needs attention as it was horizontal for most of it's length then angled towards the transmission box. There are other details to add... headlights, horn and some cab details.
  8. Scale7JB

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    Layout looks great!

    Wish I had the space for something similar..

  9. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Some fun....... :)

    Zebra crossing
    Fun 2.jpg

    Daleks cross here
    Fun 5.jpg
    Fun 4.jpg

    Checking out the new monoliths
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  10. cmax

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    Dave, Who makes the Daleks.

  11. Osgood

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    Going by the 1/43 scale track, I would hazard a guess the Daleks are about 1/21 scale?
  12. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    They must have sought out the level crossing, they’d have been stuffed had it been a footbridge...
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  13. Steph Dale

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    They could be broad-gauge?

  14. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Didn't you know? Daleks can fly.

  15. Lancastrian

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    Many many moons ago, I had scale plans to make a full size Dalek, as used by the BBC.

  16. Yorkshire Dave

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    I've been rearranging my living room to create a better environment for 'Working From Home'.

    Part of this means re-organising the bookshelves. As usual you set out to move and sort the books then.......
    ..........you start reading and looking.

    My grandfather was interested in transport and local history and acquired many related items throughout his life. During the 1920's he lived at Leigh-on-Sea and Sheerness during the 1930's which explains some of the items. He always maintained and interest in the LTSR lines.

    RCH map with Hull and Barnsley stamp inside
    H and B 1.jpg
    H and B 2.jpg

    LMS weekend ticket from Tilbury to Dunkerque which has my grandfather's name inside
    LMS sailing ticket 1.jpg
    LMS sailing ticket 2.jpg

    1932 LNER flyer
    LNER York Moors.jpg

    Luton and District - self explanatory

    This is self explanatory - yes it is unused

    NER - self explantory
    new fish quay.jpg

    1939 flyer for a new service from Sheerness and Southend to Ostend. Given the date I suspect this service didn't last long.

    A 24th December 1870 copy of the Sheerness Guardian (uncut along the top edge and folds open). It's hard to say whether this is a reproduction as there are nothing to say so nor it it 'modern paper' the printing is quite heavy as to be embossed. It cost 6/- (price in pencil under the T of The) - obviously second-hand.
    Sheerness 1.jpg

    And on the back page...
    Sheerness 2.jpg

    Self explanatory - interesting to note the commuters gripes haven't changed.... last sentence.

    1962 BR flyer for the West Highland Line
    West Highland.jpg

    He was also interested in the area he grew up in - Leigh on Sea and kept this article from the 11th January 1934 Morning Post

    And finally - anyone remember this shop!
    Guy Norris.jpg
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  17. oldravendale

    oldravendale Western Thunderer

    Fascinating stuff, Dave. I love paper ephemera. It's interesting to note how many published comments on some of these documents still echo today.

  18. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Yes I do, in my teens I bought an Atlas 0-4-0 saddle tank by mail order from them. It quickly (over one Sunday afternoon) became a 009 saddle tank.
  19. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Some of my Dad's slides from 1960/61. I came across these whilst looking for family photos.

    Bridport towards West Bay
    Bridport towards West Bay.jpg

    Dorchester South with train being flagged in.
    Dorchester South.jpg

    West Coast main line near Hemel Hempstead and Boxmoor Hemel and Boxmoor 2.jpg

    Hemel Hempstead and Boxmoor. The roof boards on the SR van reads Newspaper Traffic Waterloo Weymouth Hemel and Boxmoor.jpg

    Maiden Newton Maiden Newton.jpg

    Newton Stewart Newton Stewart.jpg

    Twyford Twyford.jpg

    Weymouth Harbour Weymouth Harbour.jpg
  20. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    I like those very much indeed - particularly the Dorset ones. I'm not sure that I've ever seen a pic' of a 119 at Bridport and that shot of Weymouth Quay is sublime - the '59 Southampton registered Commer and the accompanying Albion(?) with a Boalloy(?) cab combination is a classic.