7mm Yorky D's LT - Met 6T ballast - How tiresome

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Yorkshire Dave, 15 September 2018.

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    But not a bogie, a Bissell truck


    P.S. Sorry Dave, we've hijacked your thread
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    Duly corrected (and apologies to Dave). Thank you!

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    Hello Dave,

    I have one of these if you need any further pics, dimensions etc.


    Mine is from CO/CP stock, so has little 'pegs' on the ends to allow it to flip rotate rather than drop into the guides.


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    Hi Andy

    Any information be useful and thank you for the offer.
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    Picked up the Omen figures bus crew figures and a lady which I thought would suit the late 60's if painted correctly.

    Firstly the twins. Unfortunately there are no suitable figures for a LT bus crew so I've used these instead. I had originally intended to purchase one set but I had since acquired second red RT to accompany the country area one I'm messing about with.

    ....hence the twins crew members. The left have been finished with country area green bus crew uniforms and those on the right for the central area red bus uniforms. The country area uniforms were dark green with light green piping and green ties with the central area being dark blue with light blue piping and blue ties. In addition the PSV registration badges had different edging, again, green for country and red for central area crews.

    RT 4751 41.jpg

    Ticket machines - a bit of a cruel close up. The one on the left is as supplied and the central conductor has had his ticket machine modified to look like the standard Gibson machine. The country area conductor's machine will be modified to a Gibson. The carrying srtraps appear to be wrong compared to photographs but I have not modified these (as yet) as I'm unsure when the nylon harness (over both shoulders) type strap was introduced. RT 4751 42.jpg

    And finally... my take on an André Courrèges 1960's style coat. RT 4751 43.jpg
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    Very smart Dave.
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    Hi Dave,
    I thought green PSV badges were for conductors and red for drivers, mainly because I had my Dad's conductor badge somewhere in a box when a kid and he had a red badge stuck to his uniform. But my memory is not a form of reliable evidence, so I looked on Google, which isn't reliable either, but this website looks pretty comprehensive. The website explains the letters on the badges which I always wondered about, with LT typically having their own letter series, thereby cementing their superiority, again!! ;)


    I didn't know tram drivers had different colours either, interesting.

    Sorry to be a any form of pedant as it's really annoying to be on the end of it, many apologies.

    On a related topic, I saw TfL has TfL type and branded bus stops outside the London borough areas on the 375/575 route to Passingford Bridge, well into the county of Essex. So I wondered how many other TfL stops are outside the London area these days?


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    Don't apologise Tony. This is a useful snippet of information as is the website.

    I've often seen these badges on bus crew but never really took any notice until it's too late as usual. Anyway the error can be rectified easily.

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    Yorkshire Dave

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    With grateful thanks for Tony's observations the bus crews are now sporting the correct PSV registration badges (red - driver, green - conductor) and the country area conductor's ticket machine now resembling something like a Gibson.

    RT 4751 46.jpg
    And yes I did purchase a second RT :D - to be ripped apart as the country area RT 4751 (OLD 538) - and finished as a central area RT 2528 (LYF 177). RT 4751 44.jpg

    Oh no! seeing double....:eek: :)
    RT 4751 45.jpg
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    The one in the middle doesn't look too happy, ....and I don't like the look of yours mate. [​IMG]

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    Oh dear.... I'd better redo the warpaint...! :p
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    You wait ages for a bus and then...
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    I haven't acquired a third one......... yet :)
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    I have no knowledge of what’s available in 7mm, but would a RM be a possibility for bus no. 3?
  15. Yorkshire Dave

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    A country area RF would be nice or even the 'modernised' Green Line version (below). One of my photos, Tring Road, Aylesbury 1977 after route 706 was abolished on 2nd April and route 708 extended from Hemel Hempstead to Aylesbury on 3rd April in that year.

  16. Yorkshire Dave

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    I was looking for a colour photo of a Green Line RF among my own LT collection and here are some from the mid 70's / early 80's.

    Aldenham Works open day
    Z Aldenham1.jpg

    Aldenham Works open day - FRM 1.
    Z FRM1.jpg

    Garston Garage open day - Green Line RF - this was the photo I was looking for.... Z Garston 1.jpg

    Garston Garage open day - RMC 4. Z Garston 2.jpg

    Three of a kind... RFs - Garston Garage open day. Z Garston 3.jpg

    No prizes for guessing where this one is. At least two on this forum know :). Z HH 1.jpg

    Quainton Road - This was Met No.1's first outing after restoration. Both my dad and myself took a special shuttle train laid on by BR from Aylesbury to Quainton Road. Z Met 1 1.jpg

    Quainton Road. Z Met 1 2.jpg

    Quainton Road - the cab of the special shuttle DMU from Aylesbury can just be glimpsed on the left. Z Met 1 3.jpg

    Neasden Works open day- 1938 Bakerloo Line stock. P stock to the left and 1959 stock in the background. Z Neasden 1.jpg

    Sloane Square - R and C69 stock. Z Sloane Square.jpg

    St Albans Garage. Z St Albans.jpg
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    I wonder what a red RMA is doing at St Albans? I thought that after LT bought them back they went to Romford North Street? It must be on the 84 working out of Potters Bar.
  18. Yorkshire Dave

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    Probably replaced the RTs for the Aldenham Works run as it's destination blind has been blanked over.
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    Hooray for Hemel Hempstead!!!

    I was at Quainton on that first day for No 1 as well.

  20. 76043

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    Yes, it was the Aldenham run, see this website. The RMA's never had destination blinds, see this website.

    History | Routemaster Association

    And here's the RMA allocations showing it was based at St Albans.


    More info on their short lived life at Romford.


    Original life at BEA


    I wonder if we need a new section called London Thunder that talks about things with rubber tyres!! ;)

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