7mm Yorky D's LT - Met Bo-Bo - Relocation, relocation......

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Yorkshire Dave, 15 September 2018.

  1. Yorkshire Dave

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    My thoughts also - which have now been confirmed. There will be four tripcocks in total - one vacuum and one Westinghouse brake on both sides of the loco.
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    Yorkshire Dave

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    Neasden we have a problem........

    Now resolved as we now have four tripcocks on the loco - two on each side for Vacuum and Westinghouse brakes...

    It took a bit of work as I had to retro-solder? some brass wire to the Westinghouse air lines to form the T. Some brass wire was soldered to the shoebeam and 0.3mm I/D carp fishing rig silicon tube represents the air hose.

    For the D end vacuum line I soldered some tube with wire inserted to the vacuum T and made up another set of the detail for the shoebeam.

    The tripcock levers soldered underneath the shoebeams were made up from flattened brass wire.

    Met 81.jpg
    Met 82.jpg
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    Absolutely superb modelling.

  4. richard carr

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    Where do you get the silicon tubing from please

  5. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I use carp fishing rig silicon tube either from e-bay or fishing tackle shops. 0.3 mm i/d is suitable for air and sand hoses and 0.5 mm i/d for vacuum or sand hoses.
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    Thanks for that advice, Dave. I've located 0.5mm ID with no problem but can't find 0.3mm, although I've not visited my local fishing tackle shop yet. (I'll be doing so to get hold of some bait for a bit of course fishing after Guildex). Maybe I'll find some then. But some guidance about where you bought your supplies would be helpful.

    See you over the weekend!

  7. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer


    This is the 0.3mm bore tube I used. I found it on e-bay.
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    Rawlinson End eh? A great layout name but presumably taken from the late great Viv Stanshal's (also of Bonzo Dog Do Dah fame) madcap creation?

  9. oldravendale

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    Many thanks, Dave. I'm sure I'll be able to locate it now.

    Best. Brian

    Edit: And then, in a flash, found it at Angling Direct, Total Fishing, the bay of E, etc etc. Why it didn't come to the surface first time around we'll never know.
  10. richard carr

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    Thanks Dave
  11. Yorkshire Dave

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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Into the final furlongs with detail...

    I was not over-enamoured with the castings provided in the kit for the Westinghouse air brake hoses which appeared too crude. However, the vacuum brake hoses were used.

    I already had a set of Precision Scale cast brass air brake valves and glad hands and picked up some air brake hoses from Laurie Griffin at Telford last week. Below is a comparison (the Precision Scale ones have been fitted with carp fishing rig silicon tube).

    Met 83.jpg

    The bottom of the body mounted air brake pipe was cut off and the Precision Scale valve pinned and soldered to this.

    Met 84.jpg

    This is the A end showing the Vacuum and the two high and low level Westinghouse brake hoses (D end is similar). The Laurie Griffin Westinghouse brake fittings are under the buffer beam to the right.

    Met 87.jpg

    Another detail added were the truck safety chains. The anchor plates were made from scrap etch and the chain is some I purchased ages ago from a craft, jewellery or model boat supplier (I cannot remember which). The anchor plates will receive Archer Decal rivet detail. A loop of brass wire anchors the chain into the truck end and is held with a spot of glue of which the bond can be broken for disassembly and painting.

    Met 86.jpg

    Next..... decoder, speaker and lights....
  13. oldravendale

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    That is one handsome beastie.

  14. John57sharp

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    I second that emotion.
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    These arrived from Guilplates today...

    Met 88.jpg

    And I just had to - good old blu-tac.
    Met 89.jpg

    Just need to draw up the decal sheet for fleet name, numbers and overhaul dates...... plus the lettering I need for the rolling stock and RTs.
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    Can you do me a couple of Metropolitan Railway crests while your at it:eek:;)
  17. oldravendale

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    ....and while I don't need the Met crests a set of proper numbers and the proper London transporT insignia would come in useful, for reasons we've already discussed.:)


    Edit - I shouldn't have said "discussed". I mentioned it to you and you nodded and smiled.:):):)
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    Oh well if we're all getting involved, I require a set of numbers for my Dapol Pannier :))

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    So are you the only member of the Love Lane group who did not buy a Masterpiece Models Pannier?
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    Pretty sure most of the members don't own Masterpiece locos???