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    ShepAd 300940.jpg
    Published in the Shepparton Advertiser on 30 September 1940. Shepparton is a country town in Victoria. Unusually, I have not been able to find this image published in any other Australian newspaper although plenty of other Department of Information photographs were published in newspapers through WW2. The 'information' provided may or may not be reliable. It seems unusual that the wagon is marked for SNCF if the photo was taken in Britain but it is possible. Anyone know what actually happened delivering tanks to France by rail, presumably by train ferry. I think the tank is a Cruiser Mk II (A10).
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    pointing which way?
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    Haven’t you heard? Kent is declaring independence. The border will be north of the M25. ;)
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    That's all right we'll knock the bridge down :p:D

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    We will have a bag of buns ready then Heather...?!

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    Don't the turrets turn through 360 degrees ? :D