A brake van of questionable heritage

Discussion in 'G3' started by Arty, 20 June 2020.

  1. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    One of the benefits of larger scale models is the extra details that you can add. I'm always drawn to the detail on timber framing, so thought I'd see what was easily possible in either styrene or real timber.
    I like the stopped chamfering on external timber framing, so experimenting with my router table, styrene lost the battle due to the heat generated by the cutter, but not suprisingly timber behaved itself.

    Having got carried away with the router, my mind wandered to a suitable vehicle to continue my experiments on. I started inventing a brake van.
    Cutting out some 2mm MDF and chopping out some windows, door and rapidly assembled a body.

    Having got that far, I could prepare some framing. so machined some hardwood to size and cut the chamfers to suit.

    With a bit of Williams Models running gear.
    And some styrene ironwork and nut detail.

    Added some very nice G3 lamp brackets from Slaters.
  2. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    A splash of primer.

    A roof.
    Top coat and roof "canvas" from an Ikea pillow case, some handrails

    Just need to add an extra footstep and some lettering ? it looks like a brake van.

    Not quite as characterful as the Mid Wales Brake.

  3. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    You need to stop making us all look bad in comparison! This is a lovely bit of freelancing.
    Though perhaps its deserving of some half height timber doors on the veranda. Seems a little open without IMO.
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  4. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    I think some hinged bars across the openings would help like the ones on the Mid Wales brake, and that extra step.
    It was just an experiment Trevor, that got a bit out of hand.
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  5. Jon Nazareth

    Jon Nazareth Western Thunderer

    I do like the idea of inventing rolling stock, I'm thinking of trying it myself using some spare wagon straps that I have. Firstly, I have to finish those Gloucester coal wagons. Tell me, where did you get the kit for the Mid Wales brake van and what year is it?

  6. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    Hi Jon, the kit is one of David Mills MDF laser cut kits. He does a range of various vintage folding stock in 16mm,7mm & G1, and has, under pressure done a few in G3
    QUALITY LASER KIT DESIGNS FOR 16mm & Gauge 1 Models
    It’s presumed to date from the 1890’s or thereabouts.
  7. Jon Nazareth

    Jon Nazareth Western Thunderer

    Thanks for coming back. I’ve asked David to enlarge one of his brake van kits but without success. I have asked twice but no joy, hey ho.

  8. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    Which van are you interested in Jon ?
  9. Jon Nazareth

    Jon Nazareth Western Thunderer

    I wanted the Henson Brake Van with the thought that it could go behind Enigma. I've just had another look at his website and the West Somerset Mineral railway Composite Coach looks nice as does the Caledonian fish van. But the Brake Van would come first.

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  10. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    The brake and the coach are very appealing, we need to form a pressure group
  11. Jon Nazareth

    Jon Nazareth Western Thunderer

    Quite right! Trevor Young may join in.

  12. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    You know why he doesn't want to do the Henson brake van, but the other two he might be happy to cut, once his new laser cutter has been commissioned. I know somebody else has been promised a G3 Mid Wales brake and that's also waiting for laser time.

  13. Jon Nazareth

    Jon Nazareth Western Thunderer

    Do remind me, Mike. Was it because there weren’t enough takers?