A question of Business Name.

Discussion in 'S7 Group' started by Marc Dobson, 11 November 2020.

  1. Lancastrian

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    Imagine the problems I would have if I started publishing.....Ian Allen ! :))

    How about Nosbod Models ? Reversing a name worked from Trebor.

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  2. Focalplane

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    I have traded as a contract worker and in a partnership as

    Paul Ashton, Petroleum Geologist - by far the most lucrative, in business for 30 years

    Energy Ventures Group - a loose association with up to three others, also lucrative for a while but not sustainable

    New Wave Exploration - partnership of two, the other partner disappeared leaving me with debt which was a life lesson

    All three names were registered in Texas as Paul Ashton dba (doing business as) name.

    I guess it’s obvious which one I would recommend!
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  3. Allen M

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    My small exhibition 0 gauge layout from 1969 to about 74 was the "Witts End Light Railway" a name which continued with my garden line till a couple of years ago.
    When I set up business for myself in 1979 I used "Witts End Services" which became Ltd in 1980. I assume it's still out there somewhere as it was never formally wound up.

    I was noticed.

    Allen Morgan

    P.S. The WELR appeared in Barrow In Furness for the Furnace Model Rail Club in 1970
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  4. Marc Dobson

    Marc Dobson Western Thunderer

    I have been thinking about all the advice and suggestions that you have all put forward, thank you for this. I have come up with "MD Model Railways" . What do people think?

    As we now do more than wagons, alot more than Furness and more than stuff used before 1923. He new name should cover all bases for now and the future.
    With the news that were should be getting back to normal just after Easter, I'm of the opinion that I need to rebrand sooner than later to allow people to know about it before the show season starts. This will allow current customers to know that it's a rebrand and long enough for me to update the website and inform the various bodies before we get going on shows.
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  5. Allen M

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    Hi Mark
    That looks like a good arrangement to me. If you think you might ever expand to road vehicles you could leave of 'railways' an be MD Models but it might attract unwanted call about glamorous women.
    One possible option is on your web site and literature is, under the new name in small type say "incorporating Furnace Wagon ---" and/or whatever the correct name is. That would confirm to former customers they are in the right place.
    My thoughts no offence if not considered suitable.
    Allen Morgan
  6. spikey faz

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    Hi Marc.

    I don't know what percentage of your business is by word of mouth or the internet. If it's the latter then I guess you'd need to make sure it gets maximum exposure. If I'm looking for wagon kits in O gauge then that's what I'll put into my search rather than MD Models.

  7. Dog Star

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    Continuing with the theme, 'MD Scale Models' might avoid any unwanted attention - however, there is a FB page for MD Scale Models.