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Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by PMP, 20 September 2011.

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    The layout has come about primarily due to a house move and is about eight years old. Prior to moving I was working in EM gauge and had about 90% completed my EM layout Barnard Park. Due to the house move it was sold and has now joined the exhibition circuit with its current owners, renamed as Shirebeck-in-Emswell. Albion Yard is the result of wanting to get a layout up and running easily and to that extent is OO and uses Ready to Run motive power. It has also been flexible enough to act as a photo set, and has appeared in Peco Videos, Railway Modeller, Hornby Magazine, and Model Railway Journal. Its appearing for the first time at Manchester in a couple of weeks and I'm now in the final preparation stages, over the past couple of days I've been working on scenery and locomotives, theres still quite a bit to be done!
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  2. Busy, busy, busy, it is amazing what can be done when you have a deadline to meet!

    Very nice pannier...
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    Yes. deadlines do focus the mind  :))
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    As this layout is so well published (it's okay to mention it's pics on RMweb, too!!  ;) ) somehow it's hard to take in the fact that it is only just making it's Exhibition Debut..!! :scratch:  ;)
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    It's also horrifying as to how much you can't do in the time you think you have. :-[

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    Yer, but I've never finished it before ...  Even today I'm changing building positions about :vista: to get the best effect.
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    Well Shirebeck-in-Emswell (formally known as Albion Yard) and Heyside have made the Manchester show the "must visit" show for the NorthWest for me. Not that there isn't a fine array of other layouts, Blakeney, Halifax Kings Cross , Widnes Vine Yard et al. But I've seen these before so Albion Yard and Heyside are strong attractions. Looking forward to it, I just hope there are enough 48hr days to get everything sorted! 
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    No pressure then ;D

    Do say hello.

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    Nup, they are two different layouts.

    Shirebeck (re-named) is Em and was built by me and was originally named Barnard Park. Despite what you read on the net or in magazines or programmes, I built 90% of it including the buildings, electrics, scenery and track (you can see some of the track in MRJ70), with the exception of ;D ,the backscene, signals and the two wills kits, before selling it to Mr Tony Wood, and it was never a GWR branch line, ho hum ...

    Albion Yard is OO and based on the Forest of Dean in BR steam days, this is the one going to Manchester.

    Albion Yard, Barnard Park, Collier Street, all names of layouts and taken from a very small area of Norf Lahndahn wot i kno
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    Its been a while since I've posted, but inthe next couple of weeks Albion Yard will hopefully make its first appearance at an exhibition, Railex at Aylesbury I say hopefully as so far when the layout has been programmed for a show, something has happened meaning cancellation, so ...

    Like Geoff with Penhydd, I too have been rationalising my stock and loco mix, the image below shows what the core loco fleet is, the Ivatt is the 1st reserve in the event of everything else falling over, and is still plausible for a trip into the forest from Gloucester, but that'll be it for the show. Dapols 22 may come on stream, I've not yet had a good look at one and the key requitrement is can I get the cab apart for flush glazing, if not then it'll stay on the shop shelf.

    I've been working over my trees too and they are working really well.

    The downside is they are so fragile I'm needing to make a separate 'tree' carrier for five or six trees!

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    Still think this is one of Mr. Ashworth's photographs.
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    It isn't...??!!?? :confused: :eek: ;)

    ...only 'cos Mr Ashworth would've taken the picture from up in the tree.... :))
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    Your trees look superb PMP, you've captured the 'airiness' of the real thing very nicely indeed :)
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    And in black & white..
  15. PMP

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    Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with them, and I'm getting faster making them, which is nice...
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    A kind mate has offered a Kernow 22 from Laira for Railex


    I may just accept ...
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    Just as a heads up, the train set is in Septembers RM. We've tried a bit of a different take on the article as its an interview regarding how I got to where it is now, rather than a more formulaic description.

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    Ooh, nice picture there!! When I had a Bachmann 4mm 8750 Pannier I did exactly the same with the small shovel after seeing one stowed there on 9681 at the DFR... :thumbs:

    I had seen the article in RM - a nice change to the 'normal' sort of layout article. I hadn't realised how big Albion Yard actually is until I saw the trackplan though. Must pay more attention at the back....:oops:
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    Thanks Jordan re the RM article. The feedback I've had indicates that in general the different approach/style was appreciated in that it was 'different'. The layout is as you say pretty small, footprint is 10ft x 2ft'ish' the ability to move buildings (and truck trailers ;)) around helps a lot in perhaps giving the impression its bigger than it is, fnarr fnarr.

    This week I've been getting the trainset ready for Model Rail Live at Barrow Hill. If any of you go along come and say hello, looking at the layout list there isn't much in the way of 7mm+, however I'm hoping to get a look at an Ixion HC if one of the traders brings one along.

    I tend to run the trainset as fairly strict WR50/60's so this is a bit of 'Blue' for the other (myself inc.) preverts out there. The layout will have changed since the article was written, this is a mock up of the 'new' area using some aforementioned 'Blue'. The building and scenery will change a bit by saturday but this is the overall impression it'll give.

    Just this remaining show this year and then one next year and thats it, goodnight Vienna and out with the new one.
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    I like the idea of being able to move the buildings about to ring the changes and keep a small layout fresh :thumbs: