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Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by PMP, 20 September 2011.

  1. Zzz123

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    I like the look of Shelfie 3!
  2. NHY 581

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    They do like very nice, Paul. With my head full of a planned W&U layout, the 4whl brake next to the J70 really does look the part.

    As does Shelfie 3, even at this early stage.

  3. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    I do like urban layouts, looking forward to Shelfie 3
  4. PMP

    PMP Western Thunderer

    Thanks for your comments :)
    @NHY 581 Rob the six wheel version really works for me , and it’s an easy fix to remove the middle axle to make a ‘long’ four wheel luggage van.

    The four wheel brake
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  5. NHY 581

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    Yep that 4 wheel brake really looks the part. I can see a few of these coming my way.

    Thanks for posting the images, Paul.

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  6. PMP

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    Some Welsh influences creeping onto S2. The most modern item here is the MDV, a contemporary Five79 (ex Chivers) kit. The 08 is a very early Bachmann release so probably around 15 years old, and the brake van is Airfix 1980’s era. The MDV’s are nice kits, I’ve a second batch underway. Seriously tempted to try a working loading screens on an extended ‘diorama/micro’ Shelfie. The concept being I can then use it if successful in the FoD master project in the future.
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  7. Captain Kernow

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    Paul, I am instantly intrigued!
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