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Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by PMP, 20 September 2011.

  1. PMP

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    Not my train set, but it's the Albion Yard roster or most of it, 'on shed'.
  2. queensquare

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    Splendid shot - a chap can never have too many panniers:)

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  3. Jordan

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    Taken at Lydney Shed, I should hope.... :) ;)
  4. Neil

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  5. Jordan

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    confused0053.gif WHAT THE... ??????!!!!??????? :confused::confused::confused: sick0001.gif
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  6. PMP

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    Just a heads up for anyone who wants to see the train set, its in Model Rail for September 13 with some of that nice Mr Nevards snaps, and it'll be at Model Rail Live at Newark, Manchester and Warley, prior to retirement. IMG_0225.JPG

    Work on AYd's replacement is underway too and a makeover of Bawdsey's 'presentation' (the layout previously known as Chris Matthewmans 'Strove')will also take place, lighting testing is already taking place on that to give a very different fell to it to capture Suffolks 'big sky'.
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  7. Steve Cook

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    That is just marvellous Paul / Chris :bowdown:
    Fan - rude word - tastic.
    PS - Fog machine or dry ice?
  8. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    Saw & HAD to buy the Sept MR because of your layout/Chris's pics... :rolleyes: :headbang: :D

    Such a shame this layout is to be retired - I do hope it's sold rather than scrapped. Knowing the price of the backscene I won't bother enquiring what the asking price might be - bound to be way beyond my means, even if I had anywhere to put it...:oops:
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  9. PMP

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    Dry ice, 'challenging' :shit: stuff to handle ... :)
  10. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    Thanks for the reply Paul :thumbs:
    Rather you than me with the dry ice, although that photo reaps the rewards of the effort expended.
    One day I'll buy another fog machine to replace the one that never worked and see whether the out put is actually any good in/around a layout environment.
  11. PMP

    PMP Western Thunderer

    We certainly got some good ones mine were taken to use the balance of the CO2 up. We looked at fog machines, and I personally wouldn't use one for this sort of application, the dry ice being 'pure', the fog machines downside potentially leaving residues across the train set.
  12. Neil

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    Fantastic photo Paul, just fantastic. It put me in mind of a brilliant album of industrial steam in South Wales, 'Visions of Steam' by Peter cavalier and Geoff Silcock. It's all NCB stuff, no panniers, but remarkably similar atmosphere, lighting and composition. Art has captured life.
  13. Osgood

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    Thanks for the reminder - just had a quick look through Visions of Steam. It's been on my shelf unopened for many years, and yes indeed - what a brilliant book it is.

    There is actually one partial shot of a pannier - in Mountain Ash Workshop :)
  14. PMP

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    img_0259.jpg A bit of 'superpower' in the forest, and one of a new micro being built at the moment, the micro being assembled as a jig saw layout for a filum.

  15. PMP

    PMP Western Thunderer

    One of Albion Yards final shows this weekend, Model Rail Live at Newark. Come and say hello if you're there, looks like a good show with a nice cross section from beginner to advanced.

    Won't have any dry ice there, :) not sure -80c would go down well with the punters!, but I might be running the DCC sound panniers for some of the weekend, subject to practicality of swapping over DC/DCC at a show :eek:

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  16. Bob

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    Shame on you for trying to pass a Ben Ashworth photo off as a model:mad:!!

    Seriously though, smashing picture of a lovely model:thumbs:.
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  17. PMP

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    Manchester show for the trainset this weekend, its the penultimate show for it, come and say hello if you're there. IMG_1760.JPG
  18. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    I do like that shot with the 'sad' 22, very nice.

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  19. iak63

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    Very nice to see the beastie finally.
    The presentation is clever and convincing.
    Shame the layout is to be terminated but such is fate.
    I think a legacy pends, small mind but there.
  20. Suddaby

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    Really pleased to see this today at the MMRS show. Very clever use of view blocks, and also I really liked the way the fiddle yard was disguised, so when you look across the layout to where the fiddle yard is, you are deceived into thinking the scenery goes on. Mind you when you were allowed a peep behind the fiddle yaed curtain, it did look odd to see a row of houses at the back!!

    Excellent layout.