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    I intend to use this thread to keep track of my (many) projects I have on the go. One of this years Xmas gifts has been a white board to try and help me keep track. I am sure I am not alone in having multiple projects on the go at the same time, I will quite often get stuck and move on to something else then come back to it later. I am no professional modeller and most of what I do will be bodged somewhere along the line and may not be 100 % accurate, but as long as it looks the part I'll be happy! Hopefully in the new year some of these will get nearer to the finish line and will eventually get done.

    Over the last couple of years I have found that my niche is building and modifying models so once I am done most things get passed on to my friend for painting. I will update this post as things progress and a pictures as I go.

    26005 Trainload Coal - A re-worked Heljan loco. Chassis done, in paint shops.
    37008 Railfreight Grey - A re-worked Heljan loco. Paint went wrong, back to stripping & rebuilding.

    Passenger Stock:
    Easybuild 101 - Bodies in paint shop, Chassis done waiting paint. Interiors WIP.
    Easybuild FO - Build is almost complete barring painting with the exception of the interior.
    Easybuild FO - Bogies Sides & Underframe work ongoing.
    Easybuild FO - Not started, this will be the last FO for the set.
    Easybuild RBR - Bogies Sides & Underframe work ongoing.
    Easybuild BFK - Bogies Sides & Underframe work ongoing.
    (I have been reading the various threads on MK1 underframes the last couple of days!)

    Buzz Models IWA - Complete bar Paint & Transfers.
    Buzz Models IWA - Complete bar Paint & Transfers.
    Impressionist Models TEA - WIP
    Impressionist Models IHA - To Start.
    Signature Kits PHV - Nearly ready for paint.

    Lineside (Buildings etc):
    Intentio Shop & terrace house - WIP brickwork done waiting a decisions on where it will go & how long it needs to be.
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  2. Al Tait

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    Currently OMWB is a short rake of 4 Easybuild MK1's, I picked up an FO back at the MIOG show in November at Rawtenstall and made fairly swift progress so ordered a second FO, RB & BFK, I'll add a third FO in the new year at some point. Progress has got to a point with the first FO that it doesn't need much more work until I'm happy with it to go for paint (baring the interior). It just needs some more underframe work (this is where I stalled) as looking at various pictures and now having had a look under a couple local to me, some bits are not in the same place the instructions suggest they should be. These vehicles should all duel heat & duel braked, I have pretty much sussed most of it but could do with sourcing some ETH bits & pieces, but I can always add to it later. I shall be re-reading through all of the info on MK1's on here in due course.

    MK1 FO 1.jpg

    MK1 FO 2.jpg

    I'm not happy with the banding on the roof to represent the weld lines so these are going to get removed and I think they will get represented with some subtle weathering instead.

    The other three coaches I have are being batch built. the bogies are well on the way, wheels painted, details on the side frames being fitted and painted and will soon be built up. The bottom set of bogies are the first ones I did for the first FO. And the sides are coming along, all hinges fitted so next up will be bump stops. These will then get the window frames fitter and be set to one side while I concentrate on the underframes.

    Wheels 3.jpg
    Sides 2.jpg
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  3. Al Tait

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    Just a small update but hopefully another over the next few days.

    In between that pesky thing called work I have painted and put together the corridor ends for the MK1's & bump stops have been fitted to all the sides. I am not sure how many bump stops I have lost in the office but glad I had a couple of spare. I may need to get an extra spur off Shawn when I get the next coaches. Next up will be window frames.
    Corridor Ends 3.jpg

    I have also dug out the MEA wagon that really needs finishing. Chassis has had a coat of black and some transfers adding, first coat of varnish is now drying. The body has also now had a first coat of primer. Now does anyone know what colour the main body was when these were new? The ends appear to be Warning panel Yellow but we're not sure on the sides. We can't decide between Railfreight Grey or Flint Grey or is it something else? Leaning towards Railfreight Grey, but I think its a more Olive shade?

    Also on the scrounge for a couple of White number/data panels if anyone has a couple spare (preferably a low number) as I don't really want to shell out for a full pack of transfer as this is likely to be a one off, at least for now.
  4. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    Not lot to report at the moment, but little bits being done. I've got the basic frame of the six commonwealth bogies together now, just axle boxes and Phil's headstocks to fit. I'll then probably move back onto the sides before coming back to fit brake shoes, I'll pick up some rod from the them at Stafford in a couple of weeks time.

    I have fitted one bogie that I have fitted with Phil's headstocks, I have rounded the edges a little but probably wants a bit more.

    Bogies 4.jpg
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    Is that an Easybuild Met Cam 101 lurking behind the MEA ? any chance of some pics of that project please Al ?

    Best regards
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  6. Al Tait

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    It is indeed Craig. It stalled somewhat last year when I came to the underframe and struggled to find decent images to position everything, particularly for the DTCL as the instructions all refer to engine fitted vehicles. It'll be back on the workbench this year as I want it finished. Currently working through these MK1's when I find a little motivation.


    I'll be sure to post progress when it re-starts!
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  7. Muddysblues

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    Hi Al, have you got the downloaded instructions off the Easybuild website ? go to info and instructions, download the Met Cam trailer car instructions, then go to page 16, Shawn has done the layout plan with the corresponding numbers of etches and castings :thumbs:

    Hope that helps, here is a link to the info and instruction pages ...... EASYBUILD Kit Information

    Best regards
  8. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    I downloaded and printed the driving car instructions and completely missed the fact there were separate instructions for the trailers! I will get back to it in the next couple months once I have made some progress with the MK1's. Thank you.

    At the weekend I finally managed to finish of an Intentio Platlayers Hut which was for a build review for the MIOG website. Details of the build are here. Intentio LNER Type D Concrete Hut

    Intentio LNER Type D Concrete Hut.jpg
    There will be more structures crossing my bench over the coming months for a new layout project, but I'll start a layout thread once we have made a little progress.
  9. Temeraire

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    I assume from the vehicles you have already the Mk1 rake will be the Intercity Charter/Railtour rake from the late 80's?
  10. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    That's the plan, it will get a third FO added to the set as finances provide!
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  11. Temeraire

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    I shall watch with interest. I could do with a few Mk1s but not sure my skills are up to a an Easybuild coach
  12. Al Tait

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    So far its not been that difficult, the only real issues I have had is my specific choice of vehicles! Namely making changes to the underframe for duel braked examples. Having had a crawl under a couple of full size coaches I've a better idea of what I need to do, but more on that another time.

    If you're at Stafford show in a couple of weeks time I will have the FO above on the MIOG stand and some bits from one of the others if you want to take a loot at some part built ones.
  13. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    I have been trawling that thread since I signed up and its helped immensely, I am still not 100% certain as to where the air tanks should go but I shall get there! I've got some MK1's live down the road from me to I can always go and crawl over them again if need be.
  14. Al Tait

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    With a little time to spare this afternoon by one and only railway related Christmas present came out of its box. The Northumbrian Painting Services terrace house. I'd chucked a few bits together s couple of weeks ago but it hadn't got very far. So today it has made huge progress, a few things still to do before paint:
    Shed roofs - I built the loo/coal shed wrong so need to cut new roofs.
    Back wall - Needs some gaps filling because I went wrong above, tried to hide the plain ends of walls!
    Doors - I don't like the ones supplied so will look to source some different ones at Bristol tomorrow.
    Coping Stones - The rear walls really need some form of capping, though this isn't supplied.
    Roof slates & Ridge tiles - Slates will get done in the coming weeks and I'll look out for some ridge tiles tomorrow.

    Think that's it!

    NPS Terrace House.jpg
    NPS Terrace House 2.jpg

    I also picked up the NPS burger van some time last year so figured it would build this at the same time. Roof has been kept loose to eventually allow an interior and lighting at some point in the future.

    NPS Burger Van.jpg
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  15. Al Tait

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    Cam and I are working on a new layout at the moment, I'll set up a proper thread in the coming weeks once we've got to a point where we have track down. In the mean time I've diverted off of stock onto structural work, part of the reason for putting the terrace house above together was so we had a reasonable size building for 'measuring up' of the new layout. We're still undecided as to if it will get used or in fact exactly what buildings we will need, but they will need to be big!

    I had placed an order with KS Laser designs a couple of weeks ago for collection at Stafford, when it became apparent I was going to be at Bristol as well arrangements were made to collect my order there. With an hour to spare Monday and last night I have made a start on the bridge and arches which will be a key feature of our new layout. As much as the bridge isn't cheap I think it will really make a statement on the layout. The bridge is really coming on nicely and very easy to put together.

    KS Designs Bridge.jpg
    KS Designs Arches.jpg
  16. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    Progress is slow at the moment but the bridge is now pretty much ready for paint, a little filling and filing in a couple of places and I can start getting primer on it.

    KS Designs Bridge2.jpg
    Now consideration turns to what colours do we use, I initially wanted it blue but now I am thinking either Brunswick Green or the Olive colour bellow. Cam has used the picture of KS's website to mock up some options. IMG_2682.JPG
    Thoughts anyone??
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  17. Al Tait

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    A bit rough and ready but I have done the infill for the first Arch tonight. Three more to go!!

    1st Arch.jpg
  18. Al Tait

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    All this week I have been prepping the bridge with pound shop primer and white gloss, I've got through nearly two cans of primer and three of White Gloss, but at a pound a pop it does a job. So today with an hour or so to spare (its now time for Six nations and we've family coming round) I've got some of the first colour on it.

    KS Designs Bridge3.jpg
    Still undecided on the main metalwork colour. I'm now leaning back to a blue shade, either quite a light colour (tin 47 below) or almost BR blue. I may have to make a decision tomorrow. These are the paints I have to hand:
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  19. Al Tait

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    Not a lot of progress this week, work has mythered me somewhat. went for a blue in the end and have toned down the stone work with a matt cream. Its starting to look how I want. Will start a layout thread shortly with some wide pictures of the scenes we're trying to create.

  20. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    I might actually get this finished this week. Two more coats of blue to go on the other side tomorrow then its just tidying up, detailing and weathering.

    KS Designs Bridge5.jpg