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Discussion in 'Talk' started by Martin Shaw, 15 August 2020.

  1. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Ladies and gentlemen

    You will all be aware of the weather earlier this week and its impact on rail transport in Scotland. Some of you will know that I am a driver on the Bo’ness and Kinneil railway in central Scotland. This line climbs from Bo’ness along a ledge in the hill side overlooking the River Forth and the formation has suffered major landslips.

    Along with all the entertainment and leisure industry in the UK this year we have been closed and our finances are being severely stretched. This latest incident has added significant additional stress and the estimates for repairs are currently at a cost of £100k. I am asking you to please consider a donation to assist restoring the railway and help preserve some of Scotland’s railway heritage. 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the societies founding and we would welcome you all next year to see our achievements and ride on our trains.

    The appeal website is and I ask you to please be generous.

    Many thanks

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  2. Lancastrian

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  3. Osgood

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  4. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Thanks Ian
  5. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Likewise a couple of pennies added to the coffers. I really hope you do manage to raise the money and get back to an operational state.

    It's going to be a difficult year for everyone so I hope it works out. I wanted to visit a last year as we were in the area, we visited the Falkirk Kelpies and the Falkirk Wheel but the timings didn't work out for the railway visit. So we fully intend to return as there is plenty to see and do.
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  6. Lyndhurstman

    Lyndhurstman Western Thunderer

    @Martin Shaw

    Done. A small contribution. I wish you well with it. ‘My’ railway (the GWSR) also suffered a landslip this year, and the generosity of the Good Ol’ GP was heartwarming. So my fingers crossed for you all.


  7. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Thanks Adrian and Jan.
  8. oldravendale

    oldravendale Western Thunderer

    Hi Martin.

    A little from me as well. As a founder member and volunteer of what has become the GCR I am very conscious of the difficulties of raising cash. We were able to assist when the GWSR had a previous landslip but regrettably the current restrictions on operations, coupled with a bridge renewal, make it unlikely that much can be done in raising funds outside the GCR itself this year.

    We hope the necessary can be raised quickly to reopen in a beautiful part of the country.

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  9. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Thanks Brian
  10. John K

    John K Western Thunderer

    And me.
    John K
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  11. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Thanks John

    The SRPS have small video on utube illustrating some of the damage.

    Go here if your interested.
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  12. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    The messages being sent in along with the donations for the landslide are wonderful to read.
    The appeal is gaining coverage in local press and radio now with a super start to the appeal.
    Glad the sight of me and my dulcit tones on the video aren't scaring people away :)
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  13. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    I have added a bit to the fund and I hope you get it all back to normal as soon as you can.

    I did have a very enjoyable weekend there about 5 years ago on Diesel weekend.

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  14. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Thanks Richard.

    Cliff and I inhabit opposite ends of the yard, the kettles and paraffin burners steadfastly either ignoring or doing down the alternative traction. In this instance though, both of us and the rest of the society are immensely grateful for all the support we are receiving. We may not be the largest heritage railway but we like to believe we do something special.
    Kind regards
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  15. Mudhen

    Mudhen Western Thunderer

    +1, good luck with the appeal.

    best regards
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  16. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    We have been known to cater for both fraternities in the one service :)
    Two banger blues in the one hit.

    Thanks to all who have donated, it is much appreciated.
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  17. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Isn't that always the case though - all done in good humour of course. :D
  18. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Of course it is but it comes with the realisation that some of the diesel locos are very nearly my age. Some amazing news from Andrew Fowler who is one of our directors, and on a personal note good to see a young man in a senior position.

    We have been truly stunned by the overwhelmingly generous donations and messages of support from our volunteers, members and the general public. After only five days, the ‘Emergency Landslide Appeal’ stands at £68,831.70. On behalf of the SRPS Board of Trustees, I would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have supported the appeal thus far.
  19. Deano747

    Deano747 Western Thunderer

    Done, and good luck!!

    Regards, Rob
  20. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Just spotted the target has been reached - congratulations. I hope you have the volunteers and support required to get the repairs done quickly, and that the subsequent storms haven't added to your woes.

    Please keep us posted on progress.

    All the best.