Cameo Competitors, the next step.

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    This message has tonight been emailed to all entrants, if you did not receive an email then please contact the organisers as set out below to rectify the situation.

    Creating Cameos Competition


    Iain Rice, Chris Nevard, Gordon Gravett

    26th April 2018

    Thank you very much for taking part in the Creating Cameos competition, we hope you are enjoying planning and building your models.

    We had a very healthy response covering a wide range of scales and ideas, and we have been impressed with the imagination and ingenuity of all entries. Thank you very much to everyone who has joined in, whether you are still “in” or not. We are sure that the idea of cameo layouts will go beyond the end of the competition and that further projects and models will result in the future, so thank you all again for your participation.

    The judges are getting together to consider entries and start shortlisting towards the end of May 2018. Following this process there will be further consideration of shortlisted entries in advance of a final selection. This will lead to the final display of entries at the “Railex” show at Stoke Mandeville stadium in May of 2019.

    We already know of some entries that have withdrawn and of course quite a few of you are documenting your building and experiences online through the RMweb and Western Thunder forums.

    In order to move on to the next stage in the competition please could you now contact us with a statement of how you are getting on with your entry, specifically:

    1.) Are you still “in” and the final name of your entry and its scale.

    2.) Summary statement of what your entry is; prototype, inspiration, the thinking behind it, any noteworthy features.

    2.) Projected completion date of your entry.

    3.) Current state of completion, expressed as a “percentage of completion” together with any notes or comments you wish to make.

    4.) Evidence of progress so far, include pictures, sketches and a plan of the finished cameo, to include fiddle sidings, yards and any other protuberances. If you are documenting your build online, then feel free to provide the URL or location of the pictures of your progress rather than sending them directly in response to this letter.

    5.) Anything else you’d like to say about your entry or the competition.

    6.) Confirmation of your preferred/contact email address.

    Please could everyone respond to this letter by the end of Sunday 20th May. Please note that response to this letter will be a condition of continued participation in the “formal” aspect of the competition.

    Please respond by email to or by post to Cameo Competition, 3A Upper Lambridge Street, Bath, BA1 6RY.

    Thank you very much for your participation and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Simon Castens and Iain Rice
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    I wonder if those of us that don't get shortlisted could form our own "salon de refuses", as per those that don't make it into the Royal Academy summer show! ;)


    Anyone got any venue ideas?

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    Simon - will there be any formal notification of rejection for those of us who have self-evidently not made sufficient progress, please?
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    Likewise when will those who have been shortlisted get to know.