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  1. Mike W

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    I model in Gauge 3 and one casting in my range is a 10in gas lamp top for carriages. I am now modelling a coach which requires, in addition, an 8in lamp and rather that make a whole new pattern for just a few of them, I wonder whether anyone supplies the more normal 10in lamps in G1 which might suit my purposes?
    Gas lamp top.JPG

  2. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    I guess the answers seems to be "no". I must say, knowing little about Gauge 1, I have been surprised how little is available in the way of commercial support - or at least how little is advertised to the general public.

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  3. David Halfpenny

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    It's hard to tell what's happening inside G1.
    We can see the tip, but not the iceberg.​

    I think there are relatively few people scratchbuilding, therefore a relatively small number of component suppliers, all with small turnovers, who therefore don't spend money advertising outside the G1 Community - whatever that is - or time on maintaining a web presence.

    I would not want to see a vicious circle whereby scratch-builders, feeling themselves isolated, drifted away from that community, thereby reducing the supply of parts even further etc.

    Fortunately, scratch-building is far from moribund, and deserves broadcasting by all means possible.

    - I'm constantly pointing people to this expert forum, which has great potential beyond its Western leanings.

    - G1MRA has recently increased the editorial pages of its Newsletter & Journal to the maximum its staples will hold.
    There will be nine traction & rolling-stock build articles in the issue being printed, plus photos of inspiring scratchbuilt models. (Even if one takes nothing else at all from G1MRA, the sub works out at way under a quid each, over a year.)

    - G1MRA's now at the feasibility stage of a 1:32 brass engine build publication (major serial or book) - with a Western lean.

    - Garden Rail is also hungry for more Gauge 1 material.
    Not only that, but there are increasing options for making patterns and small batches of components.
    We might already be at a point where an everyday telephone could re-engineer a G3 casting to a different scale.​

    Here are 1:32 Scale working vacuum-pipe connections, by traditional "brass-smith" Ken Martin, seen at G1MRA's 2019 Spring Meeting:

    Vacuum Pipes.jpg

  4. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    Thanks David. I think somebody does kits for GNR 6-wheelers which have similar lamp tops, but using Google I can't find out who does them - or did them. Any suggestions please?

  5. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer


    Try Terry Hines at Tenmille, whose price list
    includes on Page 5:
    ROOF GAS LAMP (PLASTIC) AG106 pack of 10 £5.00
    but no photo that I can find.​

    or Trevor Cousens at Mercian Models Larger scaie items though I'm not sure I've seen a gas lamp in his range.

    John Taylor (of this parish) is G1MRA's Trade News Wallah, and may come up with more suggestions, when he's next On Grid, as it were.

  6. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    Brilliant, thank you David.

  7. Evening All

    back from Devon and Swindon , much to my amazement , we still have functioning internet . Some where out there is a gentleman doing rapid prototyped printed Victorian coaches and loco's in gauge 1 . I think his first name is David . Have a look on the dreaded facebook if all else fails come back to me tomorrow , I am off to bed .
  8. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    That sounds like David Viewing:

    David Viewing JvR Award.jpg
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  9. Yes he's the fellow , no point me being piggy in the middle . But if you have no joy come back .
  10. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    I know David, but think in the era he models they had oil lamps rather than gas. The two sources suggested earlier sound so I'll try them first. Thank you.

  11. ken martin

    ken martin Member

    Thanks for showing my vac pipes,but the picture also reminds me that I haven't yet replaced the Tenmille couplings with my own,which as you can see in this pic are of the correct length.

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  12. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    . . . which makes sprung buffers a necessity, Ken!

    Indeed the first railway CEO, Henry Booth, shown here with a screw coupling, invented it to make sprung buffers possible.

    Henry Booth with his Screw Coupling.jpg
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