Scattergun Danish 1:89 model of Ribe station and environs

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    The S7 group was sent the following message today. Whilst not really appropriate for the the S7 website, there is some delightful modelling by a small group of Danish modellers. The link will take you to the website where several well-produced videos show the modelling of a Danish coastal landscape with a model railway running through it. Although the commentary is in Danish, the website pages linked-to are in English and the videos are subtitled in English. Recommended to while away an hour or two!

    I recently produced five small films about Danish model railroads, which I believe might be of interest to your members.

    The films focus on a specific model railroad club in the Danish town Ribe. The three members have been working on their model railroad for more than 30 years, which has resulted in a unique friendship, a passion for the work – and not least an impressive railroad landscape. In the films, they also share some technical tips that might prove useful to other model railroad hobbyists.

    If you’re interested, you can watch the films for free on my website: Ribe Historiske Jernbane Model Selskab (english) –

    The spoken language is Danish, but all the films come with English subtitles.

    I was wondering if you would like to spread the word to your members? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

    Best wishes
    Lars Rasmussen

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    Lovely. I went to Ribe on Honeymoon in 1977. We didn't have much money so after the first night in a nice hotel it was bus from Cambridge to Harwich then a £10 return ticket to Esbjerg on the DFDS Dana Regina which included a sleeping cabin next to the engine room and a coach trip to Ribe. Never been back since, have always meant to sail myself there...... maybe next year. Thanks for posting Dave.

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    I've just played the first one; what a lovely film.
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    Binge watched - what a great bunch of Guys, lovely model and a fun approach to both their hobby and life - Thanks for sharing :thumbs:
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    I watched them before bedtime and it was quite heartwarming to see three gents in harmony with their modelling, super duper stuff thank you Dave.
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    My thoughts entirely, Grahame.