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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Neil, 17 August 2010.

  1. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer


    To be honest I'm not sure why I followed the route I did, but it may have been a conversation with Cookie about painting diagonal stripes on the end of his narrow gauge locos that set me thinking about paint rather than transfers. In retrospect it may even have been possible to buy ready made red warning stripes, but I had all the other stuff to hand so thought I might as well press on with it. There's a constant theme building throughout the build of self induced difficulty; part way through I stumbled across a Dutch or German forum (I forget which) which shows that at one time (and possibly right now) there has been a one piece resin cast body for this loco. Ah well, I'd have missed out on all the fun of cutting and sticking plastic.
  2. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Also occupying space on the workbench and time in my mind has been the Model T (ish) railbus. If I'm in a polite frame of mind it's brought a number of fresh challenges, when the veneer of civility drops it's been a twat. Apart from the luggage and the main bodyshell every other master and mould has had to be re-done or modified to get a reasonable result. I thought I had a good handle on this casting malarkey but obviously not. However here's my test build in rough and primered glory.

    bus 16.jpg

    bus 17.jpg
    It has the hard to cast and hard to fettle Mk 1 mudguard and running board unit. Mk2s are just rolling off the production line. Hopefully I can now trundle on and build up stocks ready to release mid May. Weirdly I've found it's the mental space it has occupied that's got in the way of my other projects rather than physical space or time it's demanded.
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    There is, in fact there are; for three variants IIRC. I've got a couple kicking round here somewhere.
    There's also a very affordable (under £20) etched brass kit which has had me thinking a couple of times...

  4. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Thanks Steph; I wasn't aware of the brass kit but a couple of minutes trawling and I found it here. Twenty Euros sounds like a bargain, but I'm where I am with mine, and I do like bodging plastic far more than brass. Good to know though, and I'm going off now to see what other goodies they offer.
  5. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    In between the steady plod of casting railbus components and a surprise visit to the dentist I've been playing. A year or so ago I bought a Hornby platform shelter at a toy fair for a couple of quid thinking I might do something with it; yesterday I did. Rather than waste words, follow the photos.

    stn 01.jpg

    stn 02.jpg

    stn 03.jpg

    stn 04.jpg

    stn 05.jpg

    stn 06.jpg

    stn 07.jpg

    stn 08.jpg

    stn 09.jpg

    stn 10.jpg

    stn 11.jpg

    It's been a most enjoyable build, coming together quickly and simply.
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  6. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Today the station is all over bar the glazing. Apart from the paint and weathering I've also sanded off the original corrugated roof texture as it was of a far coarser pitch than it should have been and replaced it with corrugated Slaters plasticard.

    stn 13.jpg
  7. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    In those intervals while waiting for the sticky bits of Morfa to dry, I've been tinkering with die cast continental trams and my own resin rail bus kits. Here's how they've turned out.

    a tram 07.jpg

    bus 24.jpg
    bus 21.jpg
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  8. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Some time ago Martin (Jones aka Wales) passed a couple of buildings my way to repaint for him. A year or more later and they'd bubbled to the top of my 'to do' pile. His latest fancy seems to be the North East region of British Railways, fine by me as I remember the house colours, pale blue and off white, tangerine signage, with fondness from my youth. So last week the paints came out and I attacked a Wills water tower and a lamp hut of unknown origin. I liked the look of them, particularly when teamed with my similarly painted platform shelter, a modified Airfix coal office. Spurred on I dredged up the dreadful remains of a continental HO goods shed which is now well on its way though the Anglicisation process.

    ne sheds 1.jpg

    I thought it would be nice if I could provide passengers with facilities too, so into the scrap box for an even more dilapidated part built, part crumbling Airfix coal office. I think that this was originally one of Martin's 'bargains' destined for another project. To cut a long story short it's a fair way through the tarting up process. Here are a few photos showing the unpromising origin and the improbable extras sourced from my structures parts bin.

    ne sheds 2.jpg

    ne sheds 3.jpg

    ne sheds 4.jpg

    ne sheds 5.jpg

    It's accounted for a couple of hours pleasant bodging today. I'm quite looking forward to the next session with it.
  9. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    A few days later on and the basics of the platform shelter are done.

    ne sheds 6.jpg

    ne sheds 7.jpg

    ne sheds 8.jpg

    When the paint is fully hardened I'll be applying some gentle toning down as both the white and the pale blue are a little stark. I'll maybe think about a little further detailing though I'm going for restrained rather than bells and whistles as it would be all too easy to make a small structure look too fussy.
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  10. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Oooh er missus, it's a lot bigger than I'm used to.

    Seeing as the this week has been dreadful, my thoughts have naturally turned to building something for the garden. Earlier this year I bought a fifteen quid battery chassis kit from e-bay. I'm now a reasonable way through equipping it with a plasticard body.

    78 01.jpg

    78 02.jpg

    78 03.jpg
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  11. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Still going large.

    78 04.jpg

    78 05.jpg

    78 06.jpg
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  12. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Weather in Wales horrid, more progress on the garden railway engine.

    78 07.jpg

    78 09.jpg

    78 10.jpg
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  13. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    Very Emett Neil, like the little touches you are now adding :)
    Is it 32 or 45mm gauge?
  14. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    The castellated end to exhaust is a particularly fine touch, I think.
  15. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Thank you Steve and Heather; it's very enjoyable to add on fiddly bits which wouldn't normally show up in the smaller scales. With an Emett-ish vehicle I think it should be possible to a long way with such stuff before the risk of overdoing it looms up on the horizon. It's 32mm gauge Steve, though the kit I used for the chassis should also work for 45mm if one was to substitute longer axles and some pretty chunky spacing washers.
  16. unklian

    unklian Western Thunderer

    Good work there on the big/little diesel (or would it be petrol ?) . If you Google 'Emmet Festival Railway' and check out the pictures of the full size Emmet railway built for the Festival of Britain, I think you will see just how far you could go .
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  17. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Over the course of this years festivities I've attended to handrails and radiator cap (combined temperature gauge and weather vane).

    78 12.jpg
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  18. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    I must have had a severe lapse of memory over the first half of this year; I see that it's over six months since I posted any progress here. I'm pleased to say that the Emmet-esque diesel gained some paint and found its way outside one sunny spring evening.

    garden 01.jpg

    I've also indulged in retail therapy of a continental nature; of a measured and relatively thrifty nature.

    tanks 01.jpg

    Shopping isn't the 'be all and end all' though; the plastic has recently come out to combine with a Bachmann US diesel shunter to make this.

    ks 09.jpg

    ks 10.jpg

    I've posted some stuff regarding the full size little trains in the Corris wet and dry threads, but I thought that there may be some interest in these series of photos depicting the prototype guards lookout ...

    lookout 1.jpg

    floowed by the production version in the open ....

    lookout 2.jpg

    ... and closed positions.

    lookout 3.jpg

    Right that's it for the moment. I'm heading upstairs to the playroom as I have a Hornby class 25 part way through the tarting up procedure. For some time I've had three of them, all gifts, sat in a box awaiting my attention. They may have sat there for quite some time had it not been for a suggestion on Tuesday. I have four mates who live locally, all into railways, all apart from me use dcc. The suggestion came that I chip a loco to try my hand at this witchcraft malarky, that I buy something cheap and relatively disposable, 'an old Lima diesel' was mooted. The lightbulb (40W) came on and the memory of the box of rats came to the fore. I'm going for a light breathing on rather than the full monty. I like the Hornby moulding far more than that by Bachmann and am intrigued by the idea of how little I may need to do make a convincing model as opposed to a knock the socks off job. I wonder if knocking the socks off is a waste of time and effort?
  19. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Things have taken a funny turn; though the rat is still being tarted up I went shopping and ended up with an 8F.

    8f 01.jpg

    I thought it needed company, so a three quid basket case, plasticard, paint and transfers were deployed to create a suitable brake van.

    brake van 01.jpg
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