G3 Mid Wales Railway Brake Van/LBSC 4 ton ballast wagon.

Discussion in 'G3' started by Arty, 12 July 2018.

  1. David Victor Mills

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    Good morning gents.
    I just found my way back here after months of non activity due to a house full of family and spending a lot of time clearing space in the garage fof my own laser cutter.
    I ordered one, but it proved unsuitable due to its too-flexible structure that the optical parts run on.
    The company from South Wales are very nice and cooperative and the MD brought me a replacement of the same size. When I explained the problems and issues with the machine he decided to return to base with the new machine and collect this one shortly after refunding my deposit. His suggestion and not mine!
    He's freed me to shop again or go and visit them to check out their smaller machined that may be better.
    Once I'm sorted I will have some orders to complete in various scales including a couple in G3 if I recall.
    I can then start to look into other possible kits from my G1 range.
    I'll have to check my CAD files to see what I've already done in this scale to trial.
    If there's anything from my G1 range you may mlbe interested in please let me know so I can have a look at the practicalities and approximate numbers involved.
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  2. Arty

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    Good to see you back here David, lots of ideas stored up for when you’re back in business