Gauge O Guild Virtual Show. 31st October 2020

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  1. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    There has been a lot of interest in having a ‘virtual’ O gauge show especially because the Covid 19 restrictions have resulted in many exhibitions being cancelled. Regardless of whether Guildex 2020 goes ahead or not, the Gauge O Guild Events Team, together with some of our website IT experts are planning to pilot a virtual exhibition on Saturday 31st October 2020. This is currently in the planning stages and details about What is included in the day will be available soon but meantime, visit the Gauge O Guild website for more information:
    The Gauge O Guild

  2. Cliff Williams

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    We are running a virtual diesel gala and vintage bus rally over on Facebook, if anyone would like a look then please join for some fun, it has proved to be a runaway success so far, it might help a little with your planning
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  3. Jackie Kneeshaw

    Jackie Kneeshaw Active Member

    Thank you Cliff. Useful to have a look.
    We considered a FB Show but have decided for a website based one with a navigation page so that people can visit a variety of areas.
    I will keep everyone posted about progress and what will be available.
    The show will be free entry to all. Members and Non members.
    Follow the link to find out more about potentially participating and what we are planning for the day.
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    Please do not go down the Facebook route, you will exclude people who do not use FaceBook.

    Happy that The Guild has chosen to go for a website rather than using Facebook or other "social media"
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  5. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    Thank you for that feedback
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    NMRAx has been using the web site live and also live streaming via Facebook at the same time, this is a good way of reaching out to a much wider audience. 4 events so far with a lot of interesting content, with a lot more planned in the coming months.
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  7. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    Thank you
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    Not long now till the GOG Virtual Show on Saturday 31 October! The GOG team have been working hard behind the scenes and this trial Virtual Show has expanded considerably. The organisers are adding more and more:



    Traders adverts and promotions

    Technical Committee sessions and Modelling Competition

    A timetable of "Live" announcements

    Please make sure it is in your diary. The event is free and non-members are welcome. Latest update is now available under the Services/Guild News section of the GOG web site, which will act as the entry point for the Show. The Gauge O Guild
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    Jackie Kneeshaw

    Jackie Kneeshaw Active Member

    Here is the latest update about our Virtual show.
    We hope it is in your diary and please feel free to share our poster
    Thank you
    Jackie Kneeshaw

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  10. Marc Dobson

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    I believe some of the demonstrators are very good this year!

  11. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    10 days to go until the Gauge O Guild's Virtual Show on Saturday 31st October 2020
    09:30 - 17:00

    The Gauge O Guild’s Virtual Show is for everyone interested in O Gauge railway modelling in all its forms.
    It is a place where you can enjoy a good selection of layouts, watch demonstrations and learn modelling skills, browse the offerings of more than one hundred traders, being tempted by some show specials and new products. There are plenty of live sessions to choose from plus, you can vote in the modelling competition.
    The show is free for everyone, members and non-members alike. All of the trade material is also being hosted free of charge by the Guild.
    So, on 31st October, get a cup of coffee or tea, a comfy chair and visit the Gauge O Guild website. See you there.

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    Hmmm, I wonder to whom you are referring ? ;)

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  13. ICH60

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    Sadly I will have to miss it due to work commitments. Will there be recordings afterwards on the web?
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    I was thinking of Jim and Andy others who shall remain nameless have been scrapped from the bottle of a barrel.
  15. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    The content of this show - layouts, demonstrations, traders, modelling techniques and Guild areas will continue to be available until Monday 16th November.
    The Live sessions will be recorded and will be transferred to video. This will take a couple of days following the show and then they will also be available until Monday 16th November.
    Entry between 31st October and 16th November will be via the Gauge O Guild website
  16. ICH60

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    Thanks great news
  17. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    Hi Jackie, the second link seems to have gone 404.
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    That's great Jackie, many thanks.