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  1. Giles

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    Although the performance of this gearmotor conversion looks very good on the bench, one can't really tell until it is mounted something.
    I have various vehicles on the shelf against a rainy day (as well as locos!), but I thought a good test would be something heavy........
    I have 4 or 5 RT's stock-piled, most with their mirrors snapped off, but still in their blister packs, as they're wighty beasts - so why not? (the why not is that I REALLY dont have a use for this, so at best it will be a shelf-queen).

    Interestingly, with the motor only 9mm dia including the brass sleeve, it will all be under floor except for the tips of the bevel gears. Any batteries will also fit under floor, so there will be no visual impact on being R/C - if I ever finish it after this test.
    I normally gear things to run at about 15mph flat out, but I think this may go a bit faster than that.....

    [​IMG]2020-10-08_11-58-25 by giles favell, on Flickr

    [​IMG]2020-10-08_11-57-56 by giles favell, on Flickr
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  2. Giles

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    The motor is fine, and not too fast after all. The bus is probably about as heavy as it can handle, mind! But to be fair, the motor is 8mm x 16mm. I may leave this, as I can't envisage needing an AEC RT on any of my layouts, although I may make up a steering axle since I've already messed the vehicle about.

  3. Peter Insole

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    Giles, I am sorry for not responding to your reply. I have been a bit "out of sorts" for wee while (just the usual old thing!) and was not paying attention.

    In the meantime, you have started on an RT!

    My apologies again, but that little bus can not be allowed to ever become a shelf queen!!

    If you are bothered about potential use for it in a provincial or industrial setting, it might be worth noting that London Transport had been withdrawing and selling off various RT types, even before the last "new" ones were licenced for the road! I believe that there was a binding legal requirement for all potentially usable vehicles to include a full COF when sold, thus ensuring that most were "snapped up" by regular stage operators. Quite a few became private "Staff" buses though, while a handful even ended up being converted into tourers and such like, including the famous film stars!

    Therefore; by blanking off the blind apertures, applying a faded, tar-brushed paint scheme and suitably mullering the front roof dome to represent one repeatedly battered by tree branches, and you will have the perfect justification for one to arrive at the factory premises?!

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  4. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    Peter - a state/situation I am all too familiar with.....

    I may have to rethink then!!?? They're not bad as these diecast models go. I was brung up in Birmingham for ten of the most formative years, so I loved the Birmingham buses much more - and a much nicer colour scheme to boot!

    I bought a narrow gauge Peckett body kit on EBay as one doesn't come across them often, so I've been drawing up a chassis for it. I shall mill it on the Stepcraft cos I'm lazy, and I found some old 00 wahon wheels that were the right size, cleaned them up and put them on new axles. I have spent a couple of hours tidging drawings and cutting bearings (having already cut the outside cranks). All with a 0.8mm D cutter. Takes ages, but does a good job.....

    [​IMG]2020-10-10_05-49-02 by giles favell, on Flickr
    [​IMG]2020-10-10_05-47-52 by giles favell, on Flickr

    [​IMG]2020-10-10_05-46-24 by giles favell, on Flickr

    It will be built to 14mm gauge, and radio controlled
  5. Podartist79

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    Mind blowing as ever Giles!
    I agree with Peter (sorry you’ve been struggling Peter) it CANNOT be a shelf queen!
    Your work is so inspiring, for ‘those who can’t’ namely me, also.
    Neil P.
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  6. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    Right you are....! I'll do something with it!

    Meanwhile I've made a start on some Peckett frames. They're measured and copied from the Wrightlines white metal ones, with the rivet detail programmed to drill 0.8mm through (1mm frames) and embossed the rest. The motion brackets was deduced.

    [​IMG]2020-10-12_06-37-08 by giles favell, on Flickr
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  7. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    The frames fully assembled with spacers fore and aft. The rear horn guide has a dimple at the top to set the axle ride height, whilst the front can rock on simple 3 point suspension (not sure why I bothered, given that this is intended to be radio controlled with no pickups!).

    [​IMG]2020-10-13_05-26-42 by giles favell, on Flickr

    Coupling and connecting rods CNC'd from nickel-silver, and a new set of cranks, slightly thinner but with boss to the rear from 1.6mm brass

    [​IMG]2020-10-13_05-25-29 by giles favell, on Flickr
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  8. michl080

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    Silver soldered frame spacers. You are a brave man!

  9. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    Well spotted that man!
    But by far and away my preferred method. I use silver solder paste, easy grade, and in this instance, a cheap Chinese HHO torch to do the job.....
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  10. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    This merely shows some progress - and to serve as a counter-point to some of the superb and inspirational work that we so often see on this forum !

  11. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    Slide bars were the next thing to sort. I thought I had some 1mm square NS in stock, but I didn't.... making an opportunity of a problem I decided to mill them from 1mm sheet - and to mill a 'U' shape at the correct spacing to make the job much easier. These were made, cleaned up and checked....

    [​IMG]2020-10-16_06-19-03 by giles favell, on Flickr

    The bars were assembled with the cylinder end covers and fitted, ready to be silver soldered to the motion brackets for strength

    [​IMG]2020-10-16_06-19-41 by giles favell, on Flickr

    Of course, with white-metal castings involved, silver-soldering at high temperatures 20mm away would inevitably melt them within a second, so Cool Paste was deployed generously to make sure they stayed safe

    [​IMG]2020-10-16_06-20-36 by giles favell, on Flickr

    All went fine, and the joints were all made with a little torch, and all the castings were fine......

    [​IMG]2020-10-16_06-21-28 by giles favell, on Flickr

    It will be a coat of paint over this, then refit the axles, and fit Conn rods.
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  12. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Very nice - although you could have milled them from steel sheet and then they'd have been the right colour as well. :thumbs: [sorry just a little soap box of mine :rolleyes:]
  13. michael mott

    michael mott Western Thunderer

    Thanks for the video Giles, I found it very informative, I am sure that you must have answered this question before but taking a line from you video I'm also lazy and have not gone searching for the info so what type of radio are you using/ it must be small. Thanks in advance.

  14. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    I use the Deltang receivers from Micron Radio Control. The smallest us the RX41 which is a receiver and electronic speed controller combined, and that is 10mm square, by about 2mm. They are very reliable and cost aroind £30.

    I spent the day on bits and bobs, but have now got some paint on, and assembled the chassis with cross-heads and Conn rods. The whole thing rolls very smoothly with no binding, and needed no fettling!

    [​IMG]2020-10-17_06-21-26 by giles favell, on Flickr

    [​IMG]2020-10-17_06-25-08 by giles favell, on Flickr

    I still have the lower fire-box to make
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  15. michael mott

    michael mott Western Thunderer

    Thank you Giles for the information, much appreciated.

    Just went to their website and it appears that they do not have that model at least when I entered the RX41 into their search engine and also looked at their product offerings.

    Ok found it

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  16. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    The chassis now has an 8mm gearmotor fitted - though I've not meshed the gears yet - I'll do that later..... The plug will sit in the fire box which will be the junction box. The battery will sit in the tank whilst all else gits in the bunker. It's almost ready for its coat of primer, and I get to see how it looks. I always thought that Pecketts were quite pretty locos.......

    [​IMG]2020-10-24_06-17-50 by giles favell, on Flickr
    [​IMG]2020-10-24_05-52-23 by giles favell, on Flickr

    [​IMG]2020-10-24_05-50-29 by giles favell, on Flickr
  17. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    I've finally hooked up the chassis to a receiver to test it - and it's fine.

    Also, the basic paint job is there, but needs a lot of weathering! The dome isn't fixed....

    [​IMG]2020-10-27_04-49-35 by giles favell, on Flickr
  18. Mike Garwood

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    That moves really nicely, nice one.

  19. simond

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    A sweet little loco...
  20. Giles

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