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  1. Hi All,:)

    I thought that, as there are a few things back on the radar for the Hobbiton and Bree Light Railway, I would start a Thread.

    It was, ironically the H&BLR that turned me onto larger scale modelling and in particular 7mm FS modelling:)

    All of this H&BLR related comment will be a little Scattergun, such is the nature of the H&BLR and my involvement with such these days:)

    I was also inspired to start the Thread by the prompt arrival of a very nice Resin van kit (which is a Chrimbo present for my dad) - more to follow on that front in due course.

    I hope to provide the 'history' of the line in due course too, suffice to say the H&BLR is a fun and lighthearted take on railway modelling in SM32, a garden railway, owned, operated and built by, virtually the whole family really, although by and large, it is dad's railway!

    In the meantime here are some photos of the H&BLR - I hope that you enjoy them.



    H&BLR (4a).jpg H&BLR (9a).jpg H&BLR (15a).jpg

    All Photographs are the copyright of the owner/photographer 2012 etc.
  2. H&BLR (23a).jpg H&BLR (2a).jpg
    Hi All,

    Happy New Year:)

    Just a quick update - dad has a new Van kit (Swift Sixteen) for the H&BLR, from resin, for very reasonable money, as a Chrimbo prezzie:thumbs:

    I hope to post photos of the build etc, I have tried to post a link, yet sadly the gremlins have crept in:headbang::rolleyes:

    Suffice to say, the corrugated effect on this van - cribbed from some of father's own ideas for such effects according to the designer (Rob) - is, in a robust and quirky NG kinda way, going to look good when weathered:thumbs:

    When discussing the H&BLR - and 16mm in the garden - with friends recently, they were struggling to describe such/the approach to modelling this scale and gauge in the garden, I have used in the past, the phrase 'caricature modelling'.....this little van kit, in glassfibre-reinforced-resin, sums such up perfectly, detailed, quirky and hard-wearing:thumbs:

    In the meantime a couple more photos of the line:)



    Photographs are the copyright of the author/photographer 2013 etc.
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  3. Hi all:)

    After a busy/challenging few weeks I spent a pleasant couple of hours at the H&BLR, on Sunday, watching - and listening to - some cracking live steam haulage, which was very therapeutic and much needed:) - I forgot the camera and FLIP though....sorry:oops::rolleyes: , I hope to get some more photos soon though.:thumbs:

    I remembered - when dad compiled a train for the Fowler to pull - some of the diminutive IP 'Lollipop' stock that I built and weathered for dad's line - back in 2002 how time flies!:eek::)

    Here are some photos of the Perrygrove , from years past, by way of an apology - hope that you like them!:D

    Looking at the Perrygrove in particular - although the 'wrong gauge/scale' when compared to the H&BLR - these photos made me realise where our inspiration and influences came from (many of which were, at the time of the build - subconscious) as dad likes locos that are all 'spit and polish', and as the H&BLR is both a 'preserved' and 'restored line' (ala the Talyllyn Rly. and the Leighton Buzzard Rly), the locos and the locale - as well as 'modern' Welsh NG practice - reflect the atmosphere of the Perrygrove and other 'modern' NG lines fairly well, better than I first thought in fact:) . To my mind the H&BLR has always been 'caricature-modelling', yet I think that we aren't a million miles away from the real thing in how we modelled such. I hope that comes across in these 'comparison' photos......

    ......Spring - or summer - days, leafy, green, environs, restored - and well cared for - lined-out, spit and polish locos and stock, pure escapism within an idyllic world!:)

    Looking at the H&BLR, in all of it's coarse scale glory, on Sunday, with the sound of live steam and wheel beats on wandering, kinked rails, with thoughts on FS SM32 modelling inspiration on my mind, from another inspirational edition of NG and Industrial RM Review, I couldn't help but wonder, to myself, why I chose to spend so much time modelling 7mm FS....The question is how best do I attain my model-making pleasure, the easy way or the challenging way?

    Perrygrove_Sept_2010 (7)rs.jpg Perrygrove_Sept_2010 (8)rs.jpg Perrygrove_Sept_2010 (10)rs.jpg


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  4. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Well I should have read the title properly. I clicked on and was surprised not to find the Hull and Barnsley Railway stuff that I was expecting. Are 'dunce' smileys available anywhere?
  5. Hi Neil:)

    The Hobbiton & Bree Light Railway old chap.....:D

  6. H&BLR would equate to Hull & Barnsley Light Railway, would it not?

    And yes:


    You simply type the word "dunce" followed by the word "smiley" into Google.
  7. Not in this case it's like the GWR (Gloucestershire and Warkwickshire Railway):)

    That's the beauty of the English language;)