Kingswear for Dartmouth

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by PJBambrick, 8 July 2020.

  1. Phil O

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    What a stunning layout, I have seen a 2mm layout, with equally stunning architectural modelling, but spoilt by the use of out of the box stock, especially the generic old Graham Farish coaches.
  2. PJBambrick

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    Thanks Phil, there are a few Kingswear layouts on the go, including a 7mm version.

    I recently put up some more progress photos of our effort.


    View of scenic break recent progress.

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  3. Phil O

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    Is Agatha at home?
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    Certainly is, but I don't know if she'll be gardening!
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    Ah! I recognise it now! Looks superb!

  6. Podartist79

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    I’ve undertaken further work on the flora that surrounds Britannia Crossing, bedding in Paul’s beautiful buildings and trying to make them part and parcel of the scene as a whole;
    CB316599-412C-4153-8B96-F6FA4C380BB7.jpeg AB1EC10E-9EF3-496B-8524-4B1342B88CA6.jpeg
    The area is still very much a ‘work in progress’ as the road surfaces and surrounding area need completing with further greenery, general clutter and a vehicle or three.
    The area of shore in front of the railway line (currently white plaster) also needs to be sorted but this will likely be a ‘last job’.
    Hope you enjoy,
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  7. Muddysblues

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    WOW !!!! :drool:
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  8. Podartist79

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    The latest scenic work I’ve undertaken on Kingswear; E43E3A97-6211-4272-B347-CF476F87A8EA.jpeg E43E3A97-6211-4272-B347-CF476F87A8EA.jpeg DB6821E5-2C48-4606-B612-4B59C1DF7CE3.jpeg 9BCF70D5-FC89-4263-A4FB-F3BE15B839C9.jpeg F76C464B-2138-45A5-9985-4DB56250E36D.jpeg
    Paul Bambrick has also worked on the finer detail scenery and the ‘bedding in’ of his beautifully built Britannia Crossing buildings, including the ferry ramp.
    The shoreline will be one of the last elements to be completed due to practicality.
    Paul Woodward has made a lovely job of the halt building but as you can see, it’s ‘off scene’ currently for its own safety - just the steps allude to its final position.

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  9. Podartist79

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    ... And the first weathered vehicle I’ve undertaken for the layout; 4272EA11-81A8-4F94-A193-694DF6C13CA1.jpeg 26B09AA1-B71A-44B9-B5B7-F8405B2EEB33.jpeg
    A 5 plank ‘Cumberland’ slag wagon.
    Its a proprietary item with replacement P4 wheel sets and 3 link couplings undertaken by Paul Woodward.
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