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Discussion in 'Talk' started by ICH60, 10 October 2020.

  1. ICH60

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    It seems that they are combining,
    It has been announced on Lee Marsh Web site and at the moment I cannot get onto the Masterpiece Models for there take on what's happening
    I have a 850 on order so I am not sure having read the Lee March web site what that means for when it will get delivered.
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  2. Martin Shaw

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    I will declare a certain personal connection in that Lee is a friend of mine but I have no formal connection with either his company or Masterpiece Models. This doesn't come as a great surprise to me, in my last conversation with him last year he intimated that some changes were in his mind, it is undoubtedly a fairly niche market and my guess is that money or the lack of it ultimately will have been a deciding factor. I had in mind an 80000 tank from Lee which was going to be in 2021, whether that happens in the near future is open to question, might consider commissioning one from a reputable builder. The announcement on Lee's site is mirrored on Masterpiece Models site where it says the 850 project will be done by the new team, I would suggest an email to either would get a response.
    Kind regards
  3. Osgood

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  4. ICH60

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    thanks I must have looked at there website as they were updating.
  5. Longbow

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    Lee Marsh had already indicated that he would not be developing new UK projects and the merged entity will certainly have a galaxy of talent, so I suppose this is a good thing. The suggestion of price rises is less welcome, especially with recent currency moves being favourable. But if that is confined to new projects with smaller production runs then fair enough.

    I trust those with money in the 850 project will be hearing from Masterpiece directly in the near future. I'm assuming they will reconfirm orders and honour existing prices, but the announcement doesn't make that clear.
  6. eastsidepilot

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    For those who are collectors of these top flight ready to run models I think you can hopefully expect to see some interesting future models built to F/S and S7 standards but perhaps to a more limited production run as stated in the announcement.

    Lee's surname is Marsh not March by the way :thumbs::)

  7. eastsidepilot

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    The contact details are on the website, and knowing John Borkowski as a personal friend I know he would only be to happy to inform you of the situation, although I would imagine that they will contact anyone with deposits already placed at any rate.

  8. ICH60

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    Last night I was in contact with Lee via email and he explain some of the background to the decision. Although I didn't get a ETA re the expected delivery time the plan is that the 850 with be next to delivered after the castles are finished.
    I will contact Masterpiece Models and see what their plans will be.

    Thanks eastidepilot for point out my spelling mistake. One of the problems of being dyslexic. Now corrected.
  9. eastsidepilot

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    You should see some of the spelling mistakes I make :rolleyes:, I often read stuff I've written ( or should that be wrote :)) ) through twice before correcting it, well sometimes anyway :D

  10. Mikemill

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    This is a scratch built 850 class to G1 scale. It has two rail and R/C capability.

    I have just started a G3 version.


  11. Focalplane

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    I have been hoping for some positive news through 2020 and this is indeed good. I own a Lee Marsh Jubilee (45688 Polyphemus) which is very much a running locomotive as well as a future family heirloom. It often appears on Moor Street videos even if it ran on the other line to Euston.

    i ordered a Royal Scot several years ago, to be 46132 after my father’s WWI regiment, but moved the order to a Manor when building Penmaenpool and then to a Castle, most appropriate to Moor Street’s through lines. This will be Sir Daniel Gooch after the wonderful painting by Philip Hawkins, Summer Saturday at Snow Hill. It does sound as though I will be sticking with the Castle, no more changes!

    As a North American SP enthusiast I no longer see any link to Lee’s GS model. I hope it is still a viable project.
  12. cbrailways

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    I'm affraid my experience of Masterpiece Models differs somewhat. Quite a few years ago I purchased a 14XX and within a few weeks I had problems with small parts falling off and the backplate coming loose in the cab. A few months later I spoke to MM at an exhibition but they didn't seem particularily interested in the issues I suffered. Thinking back now I should have returned the model to them for a refund, but decided to keep it and refix all the parts myself. Overall very poor quality/service for a very expensive model. Never bought anything else from them.
  13. Osgood

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    I wonder if your experience might have been before John Borkowski took over the business from the original owner, Chris?
  14. cbrailways

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    It was purchased in early 2015 and I have email correspondence from MM from a guy named Michael. That's the only record I have.
  15. daifly

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    That will probably be the late Michael Brooks, the founder and previous owner. John B took over the business in 2015.
  16. eastsidepilot

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    That would have been Michael Brooks the founder of MM, I can't vouch for him as I was not involved with Masterpeice Models when he ran the company. But what I can say is that you certainly wouldn't have been treated like that by the current owner John Borkowski.
    He is quite strict on quality control and is very diligent with his customers, he is a modeller and enthusiast like the rest of us and will go out of his way to correct any faults or problems with models bought from him.
    In fact he has helped people with problematic loco's that weren't supplied by him, so please don't think that it's still the same sort of deal from MM.

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  17. Focalplane

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    I think there is a mindset that differentiates between modellers and collectors as though there can be no such thing as a collector modeller. There is much the same mentality between investors and owner/drivers In the vintage/classic car world. Personally I don’t derive any pleasure from seeing my Jubilee in a glass case so there is an HO SP GS4 in the case while the Jubilee does circuits on my layout. The Castle will be expected to do the same.
    Bits do fall off the best of locos when they are used. One of my Minerva panniers lost a crankpin with dire but fixable results the other day. It’s back up running again.

    Why is the GS4 in the case? Simple, I don’t have an HO layout!
  18. Yorkshire Dave

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    Sounds like a good excuse for a SP HO layout this side of La Manche :D.
  19. Focalplane

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    I would love to do just that but there aren’t enough hours in a day!