7mm Lochmaben, a new layout.

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by OzzyO, 27 August 2020.

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    I guessed.

    correctly as it happens. :)
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    BiF is the centre of the universe as I know where the suppository will go if the universe needs one!!!!!

    I've lived in the town all of my life apart from working away and I'm always glad to be back. So I think that I can have a bit of a dig at her if I want.

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    Hello both,

    thanks for you posts, as for loco building I'm not to sure at the moment as I am still building my confidence up (so I'm still building, in a way). I have been doing a bit of work on some of the stock for this layout, I thought that I'd start with some coach interiors.

    IMG_E1754.JPG The above is going to be for a BCK, the first class compartments are at the L/H side.

    IMG_1755.JPG IMG_1756.JPG
    The interior of a Mk2 SO.


    A view through one of the windows.

    The passengers were about £5.00 off flee bay for 50 all seated and painted.

    I don't know when I'll be able to up date you all on the progress of the layout, as due to the new restriction that may come into force tonight, we may only be able to have two club members at a time in the club working on the layout.
    I think that this layout has been jinks from the start so with a bit of luck it'll be a dammed good one!

    Onwards and upwards,
    stay safe all,

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    Hi OzzyO, have finished Princes Ann?
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    Hello Len,

    I don't think that I've finished a kit since the start of my illness, not even a wagon kit.

    So the answer must be no.

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    Good to see you back OzzyO, I did not know you had been ill. All the best.
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    As Boz has now told us that we can only go out for a drink (get some tax back) but you can't meet up for any other social reason indoors.
    Only two of us can meet up in the clubrooms. So I've been doing a bit more armchair modelling, and came up with these photos, not of Lochmaben box but it could be a good second?

    Shieldlhill in the early days,
    Shielhill 8.jpg

    A close up of the box,
    Shieldhill 6.jpg

    Looking at this photo it looks to be early B.R. days (note the running in board), the cross over has gone to be replaced by a point with a facing point lock (so this box now has at the least three F.P.L.s rather than two, but it has lost the flat [diamond] crossing). It also looks to have gained a bracket signal in front of the box (towards the photographer but not clear to see) .
    Shieldhill 1.JPG

    As we have not found a photo of Lochmaben's box what do you think, should we go with this?

  9. OzzyO

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    A quick update on the lack of progress, we now have 10 of the base boards made, the next job is to fix the pattern makers dowels in place.

    The boards are going to be like a clock , as the clubroom floor would make a good big dipper. So it will start at 00/ 12 o'clock and work around the clock with the packing under the legs.

    One of the lads has been driving his computer and got this drawn up for the first point into the fiddle yard (why does that get the best track work?). Lochmaben first point 4.JPG
    Someone else may have volunteered to build it. If he does a good job he may have a more complexed one at the other end of the layout!!!

    The inside line may look a bit tight, but the outside one is about 9' rad.

    Q. How do you set up the minim curved radius on templot?

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  10. Bill Campbell

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    Hi OzzyO

    You do not set a minimum radius as such in Templot but you can set a warning so that the minimum radius shown in the information panel turns red if the control template contains a smaller radius than shown.

    Info panel.jpg

    If the Information panel is not showing press F2 to make it appear. Click on the change button to open the dialogue box for entering the minimum radius.

  11. OzzyO

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    Thanks Bill.

  12. Phil O

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    Sorry to hear that you have been unwell and I hope that you're now back to full modelling fitness, now. I apologise for the delay in my reply, but family matters have diverted my attention away from the forum, but there's now a period of respite in which I hope to catch up and then do my own updates on my various projects.
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  13. OzzyO

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    We have now got all twelve baseboards built and Ian and Kev are fitting the patternmakers dowels to them (bl##dy restrictions) . It looks like we maybe doing some mods. to them, to counteract some tendencies to twist, not to bad on the fiddly yard boards but on the front boards? If we don't do it now it will come back and bite us on the bum.

    I'd also like to ask a question about two word that are used on Templot in the same place, these are planing (I know what this is) , but the term stock gauge, I'm thinking that it's when the point blade is back to the full width of the running rail.
    Am I correct?

  14. Phil O

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    That's the interpretation, I use.
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    IMG_1962.JPG It's been a while so maybe now is a good time for an update, we think that apart from any conflicts with base board joints (BBJs) this should be about the last of the track plans for the fiddle yard. The roads are numbered 1 outside, 9inside. Roads 5 & 6 can be used as bidirectional (but I think that we will just end up with long trains in them.

    The three roads off road nine can be used as a shuttle service , but we would need an extra signal arm to allow the move. View attachment 132785
    Keep safe

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  16. OzzyO

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    Who makes the fouling bars for FPLs in 7mm along with all of the bits that go with it, like the signal locking detection equipment.


  17. simond

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    I too did not know of your illness, though I did wonder where you’d gone!

    good to see you back on track, as it were,

    keep well!
  18. simond

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    try Scale Signal Supply. If Pete doesn’t, he’ll know who does.

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    Ozzy - sorry that I'm late to the party and didn't realise you'd been unwell. It's really good to see your recent postings.

  20. OzzyO

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    Thanks for the concern, but please don't post about it as it does not help me. It's nice to know that you are glad? to see me back . But please let me walk before I start running.

    I will say thanks again to all.



    Please keep safe in these odd times.