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Discussion in 'Forum Information and Issues' started by mickoo, 19 May 2019.

  1. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    Did something change overnight? Since this morning WT will not allow me to automatically log on with the tick box 'stay logged in'. I have to keep logging in every session.

    I did also clear my cache this morning but the only site that lost it's password retention was WT, all the others retained the auto log in facility. Normally this has never been an issue with WT.

    It's probably something my end, but before I wade in thought it best to check, I've also done a restore to yesterday. OS is Win 7 with Google browser.

    Mick D
  2. freelance7

    freelance7 Western Thunderer


    I have not had a problem, I can auto log in, although I am using an iPad.

  3. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer


    My mobile is fine, auto logs in no problem, I've logged out and back in and it remembers the auto log in.

    Tried IE and it's the same on that platform, there have been reports of Chrome having log in issues (remaining logged in, though mainly to Chrome it's self rather than other sites, but some report other sites too) so I tried another platform.

    It's not a big issue, just a PITA.

    Mick D
  4. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    I've not changed anything - honest!! I've checked the admin and error logs and nothing is flagging up as a problem.

    The only thing I can think of is that recently Chrome has changed it's security model and visits to http:// sites can cause problems. In chrome is the history remembering the unsecure site Western Thunder

    Can you check that you are accessing WT via the https:// route. Western Thunder


  5. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer


    Interestingly I wasn't, the URL header said (unsecure) http://westernthunder......

    However, when I clicked your link above it suddenly changed to https://, not just the page I was on but also the history page when I went back to the previous page that was unsecure.

    I've closed and rebooted chrome and it seems to be working fine, for some reason Chrome had made WT unsecure with a http// header ?

    When I opened IE and used google to search for Western Thunder it gives a unsecure link http://

    How my link changed from secure yesterday to unsecure today I've no idea, maybe when I cleared my cache it reverted to the unsecure one by default.

    Either way, it seems to have resolved it's self :thumbs: and I've saved the new link in the book marks.

    Mick D
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  6. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Mick,

    obviously the result of being 'spooked' while you were the other side of the pond:))


  7. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    I had the same problem on Chrome but seems to have righted it's self, probably the Chinese :D

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  8. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    ...........logs in automatically but still says "not secure" .