Love Lane, B.R. (E) c.1956

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    Thanks for the pictures and source material chaps, the internal pictures are exactly what I need and with the Tatlow bits Col has sent I now have plenty to make a start. That is as soon as I clear the bench of what's on there now. Hope to post some pics of the Bv here soon

    ATB Mick
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    OOOOHHHHH ouch that brings back very painful memories,Clang, clang, clang, clang + another 20 then brace yourself then bang and whiplash.
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    Hah, BLUE ! all over I bet :D

    ATB, Col.
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    oh yes but so much fun
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    A quick bump! Does anyone have an up-to-date photo of Love Lane (assuming Peter hasn't ripped it all up yet) that I can use in the S7 Newsletter. I'm trying to do a brief summary of the LL project as an Area Report...


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    You mean Peter 'Beeching' Hunt. Now there's a dare for you...:D
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    The very same...
  8. Rob Pulham

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    I hope not cos' I haven't started those wagons yet - I do keep looking at the wheels and thinking I ought to blacken those:oops:
  9. john lewsey

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    Hi Col any more pics of the A class
  10. eastsidepilot

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    I have uploaded some shots on my workbench mate :thumbs:

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    We could do with a refresh and update on Love Lane please lads (from those involved some pic's please):thumbs: , I've not been able to attend WMR HQ latley and unfortunatly can't make this Sundays meet, but I understand that the track alterations have been finalised and hopefully we can get a track plan posted here soon.

    ATB, Col.:)
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    Will you be able to make the Christmas Party?
  13. Mudhen

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    John Birch, Peter Hunt, myself and others have been doing some work on Love Lane. I will be doing some more on Sunday and will post an update on progress after that.
  14. ceejaydee

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    Even I managed to glue a few sleepers in place a couple of Wednesdays ago as track laying apprentice to John Birch; was hoping to make tomorrow but not sure at moment.
  15. 7mmMick

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    Any chance of a few photo's chaps if you get chance. Unfortunately with work and family commitments I won't be down again until the new year :-(!

    ATB Mick
  16. eastsidepilot

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    Christmas bash is 50/50 at the moment as there is a Family commitment hovering but not finalised.

    ATB, Col.
  17. S-Club-7

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    Sorry Mick, I didn't take a camera with me. John W and I spent most of the day trying to fill the track-gap in West Mersea; only saw Love Lane when there was a need to go and get tools or components which had migrated there! So it's down to Mudhen to post the pics...

  18. Mudhen

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    Work has progressed on Love lane today. The track plan has been finalised and is how we believe Peter Cavalier would have intended it to develop; this is based on conversations with Peter together with notes written by him on the baseboards. The station is on a through line somewhere in North-East London circa 1955 with some passenger trains terminating here and a variety of passenger and goods trains passing through.
    The first photograph ( apologies for poor quality and/or lack of artistic merit but this picture taking and posting lark is all new to me) can be compared with the photo posted by Colin some time ago. A cross over has been moved, the area by the buffer stop becomes a loco servicing spur, the siding on the far left is the coal depot or goods shed road, the extra unlaid siding to the left will be a dock for horse boxes/cattle wagons and that nearest to the left, yet unlaid, is the head-shunt. The length of the area in view is 16 feet and the width is 1 foot 6 inches. Narrow board extensions will be added to either side of the existing structure for scenery, platform, cattle dock, goods shed, signal bow etc. There will be an over bridge at either end of the layout with the station building being sited on the bridge furthest from the viewer with steps down to the platform; traversers/fiddle yards will be sited at either end to facilitate operation.
    Following this photograph is another others showing the general track and baseboard arrangement together with a variety of the goods on offer from Peter Hunt of Perfect Miniatures fame.
    After these are some photos of a couple of locos and a horse box which were, I believe, built for Peter Cavalier by Colin Dowling. Again apologies for the pictures which have a loco with a wonky roof and one with a missing spectacle window, the photographer is on his second and final warning:) The locos are a GE J15 and a J 68 tank, if I'm wrong please correct me.
    We have actually rigged up some temporary wiring today and had our first run, by an LNER J39 and an English Electric Type 4 (class 40 to the youngsters).
    The next work scheduled is completion of the track, fitting of the switch operating mechanisms and wiring. Peter Hunt has, I'm sure, a list of the remaining tasks for us all to focus on. Many thanks to all the crew at Sudbury for making this important piece of happen, it will be a very fitting memorial to one of our members.








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  19. Wagonman

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    Thanks Tim, that's very useful. Has the second crossover (the formerly facing one) been totally suppressed? I spoke to Peter H on the phone the other day and he tried to explain the changes, but a photo or seven is so much better!

  20. Mudhen

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    Yes it has Richard, the idea is that rather than building a new cross-over this can be simulated by the locomotive
    going under the bridge onto the traverser; switch tracks there and then re-appear.