Love Lane, B.R. (E) c.1956

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    Six of the Love Lane group have just completed an on-line meeting. We've had a very successful couple of hours sorting out the world, as usual, and discussing some modelling topics. We used Cisco Webex Meetings which David Rayner kindly organised for us. I thoroughly recommend this to other groups as a way maintaining contact. Janet has promised a 'virtual lunch' for next week:).

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    Sorry I couldn't join in my computer is both dumb and deaf at present, no speakers or microphone.

    Although now I've realised I could have used my phone !:rolleyes:

    Just had some drink delivered....

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    Hi guys could ou possibly tell us the colours and technics that you used to paint the buildings
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    Hi All,

    John (Oz7mm of this parish) suggested that so we would not have to rely on Janet for sustinence we should have a buffet car on one of the trains on the layout. He bought one of Ian Kirk's kits for the Dia 167 in its rebuilt form and passed it onto me to make....

    Does anyone have any photos of the interior of one of these in the late 50s/early 60s showing the table, chairs and counter area?

    I'll try to get some pics of the progress so far; body sides, ends and roof.
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    Is this the same diagram as the one preserved on the North Norfolk Railway?
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    Hi Susie,
    Bit of info here with a pic. LNER 643 Buffet - SVR Wiki but not sure how original it is ?

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    Hello chaps,

    Just picked up a copy of Railway Modeller (was after MRJ), pretty much on the back of the picture of Love Lane on the cover. Lovely work!

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    Thanks Adam,
    all the best
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