Love Lane, B.R. (E) c.1956

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    There is sufficient parking in the general area village but parking is very restrictive in the immediate vicinity of the hall so you may have to a few minutes walk. I have not encountered problems on previous visits but be mindful of blocking driveways.
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    Thanks all, it's a bit far for me then, although, I appreciate that it's even further for Mick and he is going:)
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    You're welcome to get a lift with me Rob if you fancy going mate ? :thumbs:
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    Thanks for the offer Mick but it's my good lady that I am thinking about.
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    Good for you Rob.
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    Chris has spent some time this week weathering the 12 ton van and here it is. I am not sure what it is about the rust colour but the flash has certainly magnified it.:rant:

    All that's left to do is clean the paint of the wheel treads and put them in the post to Colin.

    Love Lane Wagons 001.JPG

    Love Lane Wagons 002.JPG

    Love Lane Wagons 003.JPG

    Love Lane Wagons 004.JPG

    Love Lane Wagons 005.JPG

    And lastly, both wagons together.

    Love Lane Wagons 006.JPG
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    The wagons are looking good...
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    This thread has gone a bit quiet so here's an update. The trackwork was thought to be complete but PJH and Colin decided we should have catch (trap?) points. Last week PJH and I put in a catch point to protect the siding where the push pull train will be parked and Tim, Peter and I (ably assisted by 7 year old Alex) started on the catch point to protect the main line at the country end of the station. This will probably end in a sand drag against the embankment.

    Tim has been busy installing point motors and we should finally have all the under baseboard stuff done.

    Picture (again apologies for lighting, composition, using an iPhone etc) of the first catch point.

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    A sand drag sounds good John, but you know PJH will insist on scale sand granules:D.

    Nice to hear you have a young apprentice.:thumbs:

    ATB, Col.
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    That looks vicious!

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    You should see the Australian version!

    The other JB
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    Does it turn round and come back!:D

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    On a serious note regarding sand drags I'm thinking silver sand would be fine enough but it needs to be solidified some how.

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    I have solidified silver sand on our conservatory floor by pouring it in between the gaps in the flagstones and then pouring varnish gently over the top - it's lasted since 2001.
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    Update on LoveLane, John B, John W, Steve, Sopwith, Jim, Tim, myself and our Host PJH all attended the baseboards side and grappled with the tools.
    The loco ash pit has been removed and the hole repaired and track relaid, it now awaits re-fitting in the loco spur. Fishplates are being fitted aswell as point operating units and linkages under the boards.
    The trap points have beeen laid in the loco spur as previously mentioned by John B ( OZ7mm) earlier but also on the down road protecting the single line that comes in from the country end.
    Quite humid in the shop front at Friars St.

    Above, top spur is the down road trap and will feature a sand drag ( photo's wanted please). The other trap point is in the loco spur.
    DSCF3084.JPG General mahem in the shop with one board in the cradle and turned upside down for ease of access when working on wiring etc.
    DSCF3085.JPG A sample of point linkages and motors ( Conrad)

    ATB, Col.
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    A slight diversion from the constructional side of LoveLane with a candidate for the coal merchants lorry.
    This is a Vangaurd's 1950's Morris Commercial which I think a few of you will be aware of, so it's the right era for LoveLane, I can't find the box at the moment but I'm sure it is 1/43 scale ( perhaps some one will confirm ).

    I feel that once I've pulled it to bits, stripped the paint, re-glazed the cab, replace the bolster and add some detail then weather the whole caboodle it will look a whole lot better:thumbs:, just need a coal merchants name from around 'norf east London.
    ATB, Col.
    P.S We need a 1:43 RT bus, any idea's
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    Interesting side line there Colin :thumbs:

    On the RT, why? you could possibly get away with a trolley bus system, can't remember exactly what date Love Lane is set too but a trolley bus or two outside the station would get peoples attention...and no I don't know where to get any of them or RT buses from in 1:43 LOL.

    Having said that a quick google and ebay is your friend, looks like Corgi do one in 1:43 scale, is that what your looking for?

    Addendum, I see they do a trolley bus as well, but in 1:50 scale, you might get away with that as a sort of selective scale compression if it was at the back of a the layout, that's not a trick you see very often these days scale compression to simulate depth of field.
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    Mid fifties mate, so if it's an rt then pre '56 model, hadn't thought of trolley buses although not sure yet if they would have got out that far from the city.

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    Says who? LOL, it's a fictional place based on a rough area in north east London, who's to say if trolley buses were there or not, surely that's the beauty of a fictional place. Love Lane doesn't have to be the start or hub of a route, but could be the end of a connecting run from say...Enfield? Just an idea that's all, I like them big old 6 wheelers that were around, too young to ever have seen or ridden on any but they look kinda cool.

    Loads of info here, not looked too much as there's just hoards of it....and there goes another evening down rabbit holes....and the birth of yet another interest bubble!
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    Bloody 'ell ......don't start me off mate:))