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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by simond, 8 September 2019.

  1. simond

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    interesting find on YouTube - a Roco model development, with some nice shots of tooling manufacture, moulding, die-casting, spraying, tampo-printing, assembly & packaging.

    Gives a pretty good idea of why there might be a minimum volume...

  2. Ressaldar

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    Hi Simon,

    I also saw it on YouTube and enjoyed it, the only disapointing thing was not seeing the model in motion, pity.


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  3. Cliff Williams

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    Here is a video (in German) by Kiss Modellbahnen featuring their Gauge 1 RE 6/6 that was made at Primote in China. This loco was a sell out.
  4. John K

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    I love the badass soldering irons
    John K
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  5. simond

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    I have a manual one of similar proportions - a wooden file handle, a length of (what I assume to be) steel rod, topped with about half a kilo of copper. I believe the GPO linemen used them - you had to be careful to catch the wooden end...

  6. Yorkshire Dave

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    You can see why it was sold out - it would be great to have complete with the 16 metres of cable inside (09.44)!
  7. AdeMoore

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    Interesting that Simon serious investment there in the tooling.
  8. Neil

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    The RE 6/6 has some serious presence, for some reason more so in the green and red rather than the cargo livery I felt.

    Yes I spotted them too. Rather quashes the notion that you need a fancy pants soldering iron to do a quality job.

    Finally a question, does anyone speak German well enough to throw some light on the way they were fixing the glazing in? I wonder if there are techniques and materials that may benefit our own model making here.
  9. michl080

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    the report just tells that the glue is applied using a medical syringe, that it takes about 10 minutes to apply the corner windows and that the lady is absolutely concentrated on her work.
    No secrets revealed...

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  10. Neil

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    Dankeschön Michael, much appreciated. I only managed one years study of German, at school, about forty five years ago.
  11. Richard Spoors

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    An interesting motor/gearbox arrangement at 10.10. The motors are connected to a vertical plate with a toothed timing belt drive to each gearbox. I have come across this system in one or two of my German 0 gauge models, but never seen it promoted in the UK. I have attached a photograph for illustration purposes of how it is used in steam locomotives from a German forum hosted by Spur Null Magazine. The model is a scratch built Prussian class S10.1.


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