4mm Meldon Quarry

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  1. AdeMoore

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    Dave gave it a whirl think it’s better even though I forgot to slide it over 2 cms and get those curves in the shed road and siding.

    66FC3EFD-4E01-4BE3-8B8F-C3578662C455.jpeg FA5E25DC-AB11-4CAF-8BD1-53669A32B182.jpeg

    The slide over would also bring the loop more parallel to the platform line.
    Hope I have your idea right this time! Famous last words.
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    No worries Ade, anything to oblige. They're only ideas and tips I've acquired having built many layouts myself over the years when modelling HO (BLS and Cotton Belt). I've yet to build a layout in O scale (London Transport for my sins) but I do have an idea though....

    Rawlinson End 04.jpg
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  3. AdeMoore

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    Ok track is going down but as this is my first proper layout, learning how to wire it up properly is taking time to research!
    I want to keep it simple so easier/ faster to build.
    As I’ll be doing DC isolation to sections need planning. Which I think I have sorted in my mind. 6 sections, the engine shed the siding baseboard edge side by the shed, the platform and the outer ends beyond the points, finally the siding by the other building. Anyone care to counter that?
    Then I’ve gone for electrofrog points. So hoping not to rely on the switch blades for switching the frog. I’ve been researching manual points, most use a SPDT switch using wire in tube method, I’m thinking I like the knob and dowel method very basic piano wire through the dowel and then up through baseboard and tie bar.
    But how to integrate a switch, I’m thinking maybe a 2 way rocker switch with a roller catch attached to the dowel to operate it.
    As per poor quick sketch.

    As always all comments gratefully received.
  4. Yorkshire Dave

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    Hi Ade

    I'd go for a simpler option using this type of microswitch.

    Mount them on small blocks (or thick washers to give clearance for the operating rod) under the baseboard and use the point pin to activate them.

    I've drawn a picture to try and illustrate.
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  5. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Dave like it beautifully drawn and an easier execution I would think.
  6. Brian T

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    Had a quick look through your picture link and found some very nice pictures,(the USA tank street running in Southampton was especially nice .. :thumbs:)

    But this pic was a bit puzzling ....

    Surely they were`nt used as a platform`s,as there only look`s to be just enough room to stand on,let alone open a carriage door!.

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  7. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Hi Brian, thanks for looking in,
    The Southampton photo is rather nice of a bygone age before health and Safety went mad!
    Here Rob Anderson think it works even if your not a Facebook person not even evidence of a man with a red flag to stop drivers driving straight into the train! Though he does appear here !
    “1957.........The glory days before "Health & Safety" came to the rescue of "Stupid People" (tongue in cheek....lets not have a row.)” Rob Anderson quote.
    Those platforms are like the Carriage cleaning ones the Southern did, Im pretty sure they were for quarry workers only. Certainly not a public platform I wouldn’t think although there was a cluster of cottages behind that building back then, so maybe they used the platform as well.
    Would like to know for definite.
    Cheers for the comments.
    Edit predictive text!
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  8. AdeMoore

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    Need this on another Forum but uploading limit to low! So will link back to here!
  9. daifly

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    Which will only work if the viewer is a member - otherwise all they see is a thumbnail!
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  10. AdeMoore

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    Dave I’d clean forgotten that but was soon left in no doubt!
    Don’t realise how easy it is posting here and RM when you try elsewhere and you have 2.7kb of upload limit otherwise you need a host elsewhere.
  11. AdeMoore

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    Had a Birthday over the weekend and my brilliant family gave me this.

    506812A8-1F53-4C01-9225-6219AB32CB0E.jpeg AFA346D4-2034-4997-A20A-007AE616D960.jpeg

    There she is well number apart as I intend it on the layout lovely model and super detail and super smooth slow running. E883FAF2-8344-45B6-8387-BD6BDA31C3AB.jpeg

    Well pleased more soon.
  12. Brian T

    Brian T Western Thunderer

    Oooh that`s nice.

    Beat`s a pair of socks.....:D

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  13. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer


    Getting the track cut and laid out, Platform Road looks a bit straight amazing what a photo shows up your missing looking at it in front of you.
    Then lift it space the sleepers properly, solder droppers, modify points, drill tie bar holes.
    Then decide on underlay or not!
    Fit wire and test track, then point control. Got some of those micro switches as Dave’s suggestion.
    All comments gratefully received.
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  14. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Had a couple hours on Meldon this afternoon.
    what’s going on here then!

    Thought I would have a go for future reference.
    10mm sleeper spacing by the book, but due to the 16.5mm gauge being narrow you ought to bring the in a bit and maybe shorten the sleepers? I’ll do what most say have a go until it looks right.
    Below dropper holes and tie bar wire holes drilled ready for underlay.
    I’m going to underlay the whole thing with foam as a ballast shoulder won’t be needed.


    That’s it a little update!
    More soon.
    Happy New Year everyone.
  15. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    The 10mm was a bit much on the sleeper spacing. I read elsewhere on here due to the narrow gauge the sleeper spacing needs narrowing in a bit. So trying 9mm on laying the track out and cutting up. When I get it on the layout I’ll see what looks best.


    Bit more done this afternoon for an hour.

    Decided to underlay the whole thing as o ballast shoulder is required.

    Now back earlier in 2019 my old frost screen cover got beyond repair, I noticed a nice foam texture sealed to the plastic cover umm underlay I thought I’ll keep that. So here it is repurposed!

    stuck well with carpet glue and this one was good no CFC so no awful smell.

    Time will tell.

    The 20 year old ex TTTE base board in the raw!



    Labelled for future use.


    Cheap but decent glue £2.99 a can I think it was.



    The foam glued down.


    Next up soldering droppers and threading wires through. I’m thinking either poke the wires through from behind or push a spike through to locate the holes. Barbecue Skewer maybe.

    Until next time .

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  16. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Well all was going awfully well!
    9F5B5DFA-9F62-487C-9D98-25768F1A661F.jpeg BC192FD8-79AA-453B-9E90-064B17DD867F.jpeg



    I decided to modify the points as per Charlie Bishop and Dave on Dean Parks YouTube videos, only I slipped up and where I removed the link to the frog I soldered the joining wire! Heck all the lot to come up and redo and I’m slow that’s a more than a couple evenings work there, or do I knock it in the head and try to follow someone else’s layout where they have created a blow by blow account if there is even such a thing?
    May be a site visit in the coming days so that may get my enthusiasm for it back again.
    Until next time.
  17. AdeMoore

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    I went over the the Southern Area Group section on RM and posted this,

    “Hi all hope you can help looking ahead to what stock I require on my Meldon layout as in Sig below, now I’m Steam era and already have a USA tank to ply its trade. But I really like British Railways Diesel Locomotive Class Class 22 D6329 at Meldon Viaduct in 1960 - 11/08/1960 - Dr T Gough pic. Here can’t post here due to copyright! Anyway lovely looking train with 7 wagons and a brake van. Anyone care to venture what they are? 5 x dogfish as

    K4103 Heljan Dogfish Exclusive Pack of 4 - BR Civil Engineers

    2 x Walrus as


    and a 25 ton brakevan?

    obviously I would like to know what they actually are and if my links are of the same. OO gauge layout.

    Cheers “

    Gordon A said looks spot on! There’s a first now to find the most cost effective source!

    Edit 9th Feb more replies on RM lead to this list.
    Cheers for those knowledgeable replies.

    so I’ll add

    H & A Models

    to make the order

    5 x C12 dogfish

    1 x C65 Walrus

    1 x C67 Walrus

    1 x C14 Shark plough.

    hows that?

    cheers all thanks in advance.
    Also to add the photo link that was missing.
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  18. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer


    Re-gapped and new link droppers soldered in!
    I’m blummin good at melting sleepers Terrible at soldering, even gone to 60/40 lead solder to see if that would help after reading advice..
    One more to do after tonight’s session. Then I’ll croc clip the lot together and see if I can run something before turning the board over adding timber and dowels and micro switches for the points then it will be time to copydex the lot down.
    Hope that’s the right order!
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  19. Brian T

    Brian T Western Thunderer

    Admitedly this might be a bit late in the day,looking at the pictures;but try wrapping a bit of tin foil around the offening sleepers,this should help in keeping the heat away and prevent them melting....

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  20. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    So I’ve eventually got there! Track down and tested.
    A first time layout so pretty pleased, after seeing a lot of hanging cables under the baseboard pleased to say although temporary I got it wired up on 2 way switches for now. One to see if my awful soldering was ok and two to check the track laying was also ok and three it worked!

    42D599E5-5FE6-49FF-85FB-E98A9529F6A7.jpeg 5BAF8862-2CC1-488A-87C8-B822E13B3EE3.jpeg 4261C792-6D90-4E69-8626-E0FC618123F7.jpeg DC12A8A5-3D04-45C7-92C6-6F8AF38AA18A.jpeg
    Not the greatest photos but you get the idea.
    I’ll upload a couple of videos for your amusement. Here soon.
    As always all comments greatfully received.
    Thanks for looking in.
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