4mm Meldon Quarry

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    Thanks for looking in Rob,
    I have made a start at that, but yeah paint brushes I’m afraid, i May have something more akin to a make up brush. It kills paint brushes well cheap ones! Currently on my 3rd I’ve been going for the softest bristles I have. But now you remind me I’ll go larger and a soft as I can on what I have.
    By the time a delivery gets here Ill be next stage well hopefully!
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    Go on line. You can get a decent, cheap selection of different sizes for 2 or 3 pounds.

    They will do and are what I use.

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    Thanks Rob I’ll have a look see if I can find them.
    83803638-45A6-4F50-AB70-1EC36DF63A28.jpeg 6C49CBF4-0C25-4A6E-8B65-F325260B569C.jpeg

    Less orange now!
    Thanks for looking in.
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    Had a break from track weathering today!
    I decided to make the Yorkshire Tea engine shed a place holder! Yeah I had no idea it was a thing either until I saw it mentioned on a few YouTube videos guys using a Metcalfe or the like until the real thing can be built.
    So I’d paid a couple quid for the download of concrete blocks thought I’d wack them on it.
    Then brought some stock out for a few photos!
    Made an absolute howler! Sat here to post before I noticed, light gone to redo so here they stay.

    A4A75FE8-3787-4C32-B29F-A23EB65359A2.jpeg A6CC7C35-9F5F-4FFA-BEF8-E61D6CBE1845.jpeg 43BC191A-5712-4604-99D2-32A83B0E07DF.jpeg


    Below are my attempt at building some airfix wagons won on eBay over 50 years old but sharp mouldings!

    312324CA-2327-4495-A835-CF7B3FAC0FD9.jpeg A64DE09B-1831-4B98-95BD-83135F833430.jpeg 5235500B-FF74-412E-95AF-589F792D4F7B.jpeg E49D1CAA-2202-42B3-90CA-27A76C2A6E49.jpeg 19AB177D-8336-4196-8F49-F079715C746F.jpeg

    Thanks for looking in something a little better to look at!
    Until next time
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    Howler put right!

    F6A3C735-9BE0-4BE9-8D24-4123909BB6A3.jpeg 4F167F7B-8432-46D3-9D29-995696A85414.jpeg D64E1BB8-84BB-4BC9-B532-E3F7A66DC908.jpeg 3F061083-B115-44BD-AF0E-0F9B9AD45EF7.jpeg

    so if you’re not up on the Withered Arm the up line is farthest from the camera and the down line next one in!
    There should be another line between that and the shed but that was all I had room for.
    Can’t wait to get the track done now been on it far to long!
    Anyway packed up the locos and stock at lunch today ready to get gluing and ballasting.
    All comments welcome.
    Until next time

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    Very mixed success, but very first time doing any ballast.

    below with the grey and dark grey the time honoured 50/50 Pva water spot of washing up liquid. Ok but had to use a bbq skewer to apply as I had no pip-pet or syringe.

    The lower line and photo below I read on Gordon’s thread on the other channel Pete75C post it’s a method attributed to @Captain Kernow paint in thin PVA between the sleepers and sprinkle ballast and hoover up excess. However Pete advises leaving an hour before hoovering off. To get a deeper fill. This I did but I think the instructions should of said flat out ballast first.

    As I didn’t and because of capillary action it glued ballast up above the sleepers! These photos had work done to remedy to a degree before taking them.


    Below closest to camera the hour wait mess.

    Rear track the paint in PVA and hoover immediately good on SMP type track as referred to in the linked thread, but a bit thin on Peco.



    Closest track in 3 photos below 3rd method Rays method @tender I mentioned previously also on the other channel, neat PVA track down then while wet sprinkle on the ballast. Was the least labour to do. I wasn’t quite quick enough with the hoover and had some capillary action sticking some ballast above the sleepers, which I didn’t expect with neat PVA. I had to leave as many advise. Sort next day and as I had to weight the points down.

    Photos after some remedial work.


    ok that’s it more using Rays method until complete and a touch up of the rest.

    until next time

  7. oldravendale

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    Hello Ade. Sorry to learn about your travails with the ballasting. I'd not dream of offering any suggestions about when to apply or hoover off - or anything else track laying associated for that matter. However, I have some plastic pipettes here which I use for transferring thinners to paint pots and I'd be happy to bung one in the post for you. I reckon a large letter stamp would do it so I'd have no need to go to the post office.

    If you'd like me to send one send me a PM with your address.

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  8. AdeMoore

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    Cheers Brian most kind thank you, I’ll keep going as is and not trouble you I’m managing.
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    I've been keeping an eye on your thread for a while as I have quite an affiliation with Meldon Quarry. My Dad worked for Camas Aggregates when they took over the quarry and railway from BR and was involved in its re-opening for Quarry Traffic. I was still at school at the time and for a school project he took me round the quarry for a morning. Not sure if any of these pictures are any use to you (I do have a few more but they're of quarry working not the railway). All taken sometime in 96' I think.

    Meldon 1.jpg
    Meldon 2.jpg
    Meldon 3.jpg
    Meldon 4.jpg
    Meldon 5.jpg
    Meldon 6.jpg
  10. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Those are fantastic Al more the merrier looking for something to do for the backscene so you may have something in your files, love to see more.
    Thanks for sharing.
  11. Al Tait

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    No probs Ade, these are the rest of my pictures from that trip, it was unfortunately a mucky rainy day. No Railway in any of these mind. I'll see what in my Dad's archive too, there will be some of the re-opening special & naming ceremony for 37667. Although this again will be somewhat later than your chosen period!

    Meldon 7.jpg Meldon 8.jpg Meldon 9.jpg Meldon 10.jpg Meldon 11.jpg Meldon 12.jpg Meldon 13.jpg Meldon 14.jpg
  12. AdeMoore

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    Al thanks great scenes, funnily enough I worked in Foster Yeoman’s quarry of the famous Yeoman trains, that was well before I got back into modelling, never took a single photo all the time I was there 3 years! Kinda regret that, cause as an electrician I worked all over from the the railway to the face crusher etc.
    Sure I may be able to use one of those, I may trouble you for an uncompressed copy if I may.
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  13. Al Tait

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    Ping me a message with your email address and let me know what you want and I'll send them over, just a shame they're so murky but then Meldon always seemed to be! I am sure I have a load of pictures from Merehead & Whatley when Dad took me on an RCTS trip one evening. The look on our guide's face was a picture when Dad was talking/asking about various quarry things, he'd clearly clocked Dad worked for one of their competitors!!
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  14. AdeMoore

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    Cheers Al will do. Ta. I did one of those tours at Merehead. Also one previous to my employment there as father in law worked there, was the occasion David Shepherds 9F went for the record on the draw bar.
    Cheers again.
  15. Al Tait

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    Last instalment Ade, all also sent via email. Following pictures were all taken by my Dad.

    33051 at Meldon on a Railtour 18/01/97
    33051 Meldon.jpg
    33051 Meldon A.jpg

    37667 waiting to be named and 37694 0n display at Meldon for the re-opening special. Stock was the Ocean Liner set and two VSOE Pulmans, 24/05/97.
    37667 Meldon Quarry 240597 (2).jpg
    37694 Meldon Quarry 240597.jpg
  16. AdeMoore

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    Cheers Al, my Western Thunder notifications always seem to end up in my junk! Then I forget to look.
    Great bunch of photos. The EWS loco shot just showing the edge of the old wagon repair shed is invaluable as it shows the blocks, I can count them easy there for the model.
    Cheers again
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    Boring stuff but a record for me! Pressed reply by mistake so notes will be added now!
    Uncoupling magnet holes cut in foam underlay.

    4BD5898C-4B6E-42EC-BFAC-BF1686B5B782.jpeg A4A239CD-1AB2-45ED-B071-FADAF49503DB.jpeg

    Super glued in position, only do one at a time until properly dried as they are so strong they will ping together!
    7CEFA658-2F43-4015-A7DC-1FEAA992AC5C.jpeg 3E42EB39-30DC-46CF-AE22-BA825843062D.jpeg

    Neat PVA’ed the point down.


    Blue tack in holes where wires come up, to Stop ballast dropping through.


    Ballasted immediately and pushed about and hoovered off above.
    But still needs a bit of 50/50 dripped on for the loose where the PVA has not risen.


    When I started the layout I had no idea there was a pit in the shed but a photo turned up showing it so now time to consider it.
    First the track was not central in the shed so that needed addressing

    1A654148-725F-4656-912D-FC6EC456C01E.jpeg 74E88869-0CC9-44E2-94F0-AC79DA9FBA5C.jpeg 62046361-B259-4F86-9669-49478060B8F3.jpeg FF300401-5BFA-4C51-9F90-8246AE800A37.jpeg 2AD10533-1D9B-405D-ABB9-F24632E5E453.jpeg

    A pit needs to be made got some timber for that, then line it in wills block sheets, the track can go down after that.
    Thanks for looking in!
    Until next time

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    Brian forgot to say about the syringe following your kind offer, Mrs. Ade came to the rescue. That’s her cake syringe usually used at Christmas to syringe in the brandy to the Christmas cake.
    I got the affirmative after asking if I could borrow it phew! Gonna need another before the next time it’s needed.
  19. Peter Cross

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    Did it come filled with brandy?
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  20. AdeMoore

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    Unfortunately not! I had my eye on it but thought it a treasured cake filling item, so I was surprised I was offered it.