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    Some time ago Tappa elluded to a new 7mm layout that we the East Riding Finescale Group were considering based (unusually for us) on our own area and which would feature workings by the last of the citys steam allocation and its diesel replacements. Plus the model will be our entry to some of the historical displays related to the 2017 city of culture events planned for the city in 3 years time (with the layout set approximately 50 years prior).

    So with work already underway and several kits for locos and stock awaiting building may we present our new scheme 'Millicent Street'. Set in the Newland area of Kingston Upon Hull and featuring buildings which existed or in many cases are still extant in the area.
    This quick sketch should give you some idea of what we have in mind (the layout is more a recreation of a typical backstreet area of the city rather than a model a railway per'se). Still if anyone is familiar with our previous 4mm efforts 'Walker Marine' and 'Carlton Metals' or indeed our current 7mm effort 'Hospital Gates' you will see that we have a history of not exactly sticking to the norm when it comes to layouts ideas and presentation.

    Work has already started with track already laid on the two main scenic boards and ballasting and weathering in hand.

    Though this aspect still has a long way to go as we are attempting to recreate the overgrown backwater look that some of the lines in the city had in this period (but perhaps employing a lighter hand that we did with the weed encrusted Hospital line!).

    Work is also ongoing with some of the structures with full size mockups of most already created (for use in sizing and visualising the finished model ) and in some cases where research has been completed the actual models are under construction.

    Such as this fish and shop (what else in Hull!). Which is a typical late war/early post war temporary structure which will be placed on the cleared bomb site of the shop it replaced. Some such structures have existed in this city until the 1980's (and indeed some larger varients have only just being demolished in the city centre).

    Plus, it has to be said many of the smaller fish shops of this region still have interiors in this colour!.

    Patty and chips anyone..........!
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    Mmm not heard that one before Patty = fishcake?

    That would be a Yorkshire fishcake, two slices of potato with a slide of fish between covered in batter & deep fried.

    Not one of those Rissoles, that everyone from anywhere but Yorkshire calls a fishcake.


    I'll get mi coat
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  3. SteadyRed

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    On a more appropriate note will a class 14 "Teddybear" make an appearance on
    Millicent Street. Dairycoates had an allocation in 1967.
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    I love patty & chips, & i'm from Derbyshire ;)

    Keep up the good work on the layout.

    Steve :cool:
  5. Rippers

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    Nope thats more of a West Yorkshire offering.

    A Patty (or Pattie) the spelling seems to vary from shop to shop is a popular local offering consisting of round of seasoned mashed potato deep fried in batter.

    see http://pattiebutty.blogspot.co.uk/ for more details.

    Personally I prefer a Patty/pattie Butty (ie patty in a breadcake) to one with chips!!.;)
  6. Rippers

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    A class 14 is certainly planned (once we decide which is the best kit to source). Along with the WD 2-8-0, classes 08 and 03. (the WD and 08 kits are already awating building). Perhaps even a Dairycoates 37 on the through traffics to the riverside industries.

    Whatever the motive power it will all be done based on that in period shots of the area that we have access to (in the same way that the buildings, street details and road vehicles are undergoing research are to be done).
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    Neil, if it's Hull, it must have "The Earl DeGrey". Who is Millicent? Mick. EARL DE GREY.jpg
  8. Rippers

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    Ah the old Earl De Bongo!

    A bit big for the backstreet boozer of the type we had in mind we are affraid - using the lost pubs of Hull site we considered the 'Cartmans Arms' and 'Commercial Hotel' though Colin has plumbed for the simple but interesting 3 story design of the 'Milton Tavern' - which was actually on New George Street but looks right for what we have in mind (though we will be changing the name and of course having it last longer as the prototype was closed in the 1920's).

    Our premise for this model squeezes and additional street etc in to the East of the Ryde Avenue/Worthing Street area.

    With the name of the street coming from Colin (Starks) grandaughter in deference to his prior layout Annswick which was named after his daughter. Plus it isnt out of place for streets in Hull or indeed the area with the likes of 'Ella', 'Victoria' and the like in use.
  9. micknich2003

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    Thanks Rippers, I had just pressed "GO", when I recalled Colin's grandaughter's name. On my own layout, I intend to have as a pub the "Full Measure" ex Walton Street.
  10. Rippers

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    Although fairly typical 2 up 2 down terraces the buildings of the area often sport quite a degree of contrasting yellow and black brickwork detailling within the construction.



    It is details like this we are keen to include, hence the on site research. Though of course the models will be backdated to 1960's condition and finish but you ge the gist.

    This natty (and for the most free of the modern 'improvements' that most of the houses now feature) workshop building will also be replicated.
    All very ordinary in terms of architecture perhaps but hopefully worthwhile modelling non the less.
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  11. Rippers

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    Plus of course there will have to be at one least example of the most significant location defining piece of street furniature to feature in this area....... I am genuinely supprised that no one has mentioned it already!


    No common red for us thank you!;)

    Not only do we have our own fish-shop specialities around here we also have our own independent phone system........!!
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  12. micknich2003

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    Complete of course with "Judge Dread" wireing up a new handset, and then, you could also, have an efigy of myself, climbing up the signalbox steps seen behind the phonebox. By the way, I have put together, an hundred or more photo's of local street scenes for your project. I must get them to you, but most Monday and Thursday nights, I'm busy. Mick.
  13. adrian

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    I believe it was also the worlds first "social network". A guy in our office hailed from "Ull", he reckoned he had a 1 in 5 chance of getting through to the number he rang and more often than not ringing his Mum he'd have at least two other conversations on the same line!!
  14. Rippers

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    Yup - party lines they were called. More often than not you would pick up the phone to make a call only to find yourself in the middle of someone elses more interesting conversation!

    Long gone now but the cream phone boxes of various vintages still prevail on the streets.

    Cheers for the offer of the pics Mick - we look forward to seeing them.

    Currently we are steadily going through the ones we have identifying features that we would like to encorporate. Plus as with what we did on 'Hospital' typical cameos of folk featured in some of the shots that we would like to try and recreate in miniature.
  15. Pannier Tank

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    Kingston Communications if my memory serves me right?
  16. Broad Sword

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    Good afternoon all, for my first post on this forum I must explain some of the mysteries of the Hull Corporation Telephone department as previously mentioned by my good friends above.
    There were "party lines" both for private subscribers and business ones. At first there could be 10 phones in circuit but those days soon passed. The final set-up was just the two and usually they were in close proximity to each other although they could be anywhere in that exchange area. That could mean on the Civic (town centre) area, one in West Hull and the other in East Hull. They did cause problems with callers like Rippers not listening to make sure the line was not in use before dialling. As a telephone engineer myself, I was instructed not to go from one party to the other directly and give away their location but to spend a few minutes either up the pole or in my van. My only claim to fame is that I installed the last business party line, this was forced on the system because of a temporary shortage of cable space. A situation, I believe, which was soon rectified.
    Hull photo boxes are cream although a small number were painted white but this caused something of a local "riot" and they were soon repainted. There were two boxes outside of the Guildhall which were of a timber construction and they were stained and varnished. After many years they were replaced and one became an entrance porch to a village cottage. When I last saw it some 20 years ago, it was outside of the Telephone Manager's office on the second floor of Telephone House in Carr Lane.
    Finally, the observant amongst you will have noticed the picture above of a cream and green box in the Hull Transport museum, does not have a crown above the side windows. None of the Hull boxes have this embellishment.
    "Number please!"
  17. micknich2003

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    Here is a picture of an Hull 'phonebox in everday use. Also worthy of an Hull street scene is the police box far left of picture. Unfourtantly, the time of your model is a few years too late to incorporate a Trolley bus.
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    It has been a long time since I was alongside in Hull and the Earl de Grey was a fun pub to be in.

    Ian G
  19. micknich2003

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    The pub today is derilict, and the "Lady's of the Night" now play their trade elsewhere. Times change, but not always for the better.
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  20. Broad Sword

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    Wonderful picture Young Mick. Without wishing to high jack this thread, it shows another quirk of Hull Corporation buses and trolleys, that is they did not reveal which Corporation owned them and the destination blinds did not show their destinations only by which thoroughfare they would travel. Your picture of course shows a service 64 turning back at the outer terminus on Holderness Road just before it's junction with Ings Road and Maybury Road. I used to catch that service from there in the early 50's to go to the East Hull Baths from Maybury Road Junior School. Happy days.