7mm Millicent Street

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Rippers, 16 June 2014.

  1. Lancastrian

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    Wonderful and inspirational modelling. Well done to all involved in this project.

  2. Rippers

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    Not exactly blistering progress but the eye catching notice board complete with period local posters that Tappa made has found it home on the layout.
    pb.jpg pb2.jpg pb3.jpg
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    Just found this - stunning work...staying tuned... :)
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  4. Rippers

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    The notice board hasn't been the only development though as the early 'rough' mock-up for the next of the large factory buildings has also made an appearance. This one will be a weathered grey cladded structure with brick ground floor level (well it will be once we work out how to convincingly replicate the cladding element!)......any good ideas?


    It is based on the architecture of some of the structures housing the manufacturing areas of the 'Sissons Paints' factory in Hull 9makers of Halls Distemper amongst many other products). Note the variation of roof lines and angles as we adapt the design (done from photos only) to fit in with the layout. The finished building will feature the arrangement of that at the left hand end.


    There will be smaller structures and detail in the still blank area which should hopefully form a realistic industrial backdrop to the urban street scene we are cobbling together.

  5. Pencarrow

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    Far left roof pitch definitely looks the best.

    Good to see progress and updates despite Covid restrictions.
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  6. simond

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    Is there a link to an image of the prototype?

    Looked for Sissons paint last night, lots of interesting stuff (particularly the historic Hull site) but no view of the factory.

  7. micknich2003

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    Simon, here is a photo' of the 1953 built part of the works, it had suffered heavy bombing in the last war. Sisson's was my first job when I left school at Easter 1964.

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  8. Osgood

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    Good to see the Hall’s men on the glazed (?) corner section of the building - a well-known example is preserved on an embankment at Beamish station:

    There were some great adverts - I have an original from a magazine (date unknown):

    The building overlooking Millicent St has a great potential for something similar, but would they have bothered on the ‘back of the shed’?
  9. Osgood

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    Here's one for the wall - I gave this original large shop board to a friend (and yes I wish I'd kept it!) - just got him to send a pic of it over.
    The colours are much brighter than the image, would certainly liven up that acreage of corrugated iron:

  10. Osgood

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    Did you find this site? The paint industry in Hull

    If I’m not mistaken as well as the end-on roof hips you can even see the characteristic pavement of Millicent St!
  11. simond

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    Thanks Tony, I didn’t find that

    might help our friends’ modelling

    Merry Christmas & all the best for a happier New Year!

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