NBR Coal Wagon

Discussion in 'G3' started by Jon Nazareth, 27 February 2019.

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    Still a great model Jon.
  2. Jon Nazareth

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    I don't think that I would want to fiddle about with it now. It's a shame about the transfers but, worse things happen at sea and I'll have to put up with it and, next time around, make sure there's plenty of micro sol to hand. A proper inspection before the varnish goes on will always now take place.

    Thank you

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  3. Mike W

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    Jon, beautifully finished as always from you. I find taking pictures before varnish - and before painting - is useful as you can enlarge it on the screen and see things not obvious in real life.

  4. Jon Nazareth

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    I bought this kit from Mike Williams Models and have tacked it onto the end of this post as a, it's another North British and b, it will end up as one of James Nimmo's coal wagons.
    First picture shows the kit assembled and ready for the under coat. I applied three coats of sanding sealer to the sides only, sanded down between each coat. The idea behind this was to give a smoother surface for when the transfers go on and not have the grain of the wood showing through. If the grain was to scale, it wouldn't show up anyway.
    Second picture shows the Acid Etch Primer applied. Tomorrow, if the primer coat is okay, I'll spray on the top coat.


    IMG_4289.JPG IMG_4292.JPG
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    Ive got one of these in progress too. How did you go about marking all the drill points? The drawing in the manual isnt to scale and no dimensions are given.
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  6. Jon Nazareth

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    Firstly, and depending on the type of axle guards that you have, the distance between centres is 9 ft. Once this is established, you can space out the bolt holes by proportion. I suggest that you fix the corner plates into position first this way, you can make sure that there is enough room for the bolts that are placed underneath the plates. For the positions of the bolts, I simply looked at the drawing and noted how one bolt was positioned to another etc., and set them out like that. As long as they are within a handful of inches, I can't see that it matters really as long as they look right. It would have been handy to have had this information in the instructions but, well, I managed okay. One other thing, make sure that you use the large headed bolts in the buffer beams, I didn't. By the time that I realised that I'd used the wrong ones, it was too late as they were glued into place and removing them would have left me short of bolts for other places. I now have a spare set of large headed bolts that I'm sure will come in handy for another project :).

    Happy building
  7. Jon Nazareth

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    Here it sprayed with a halfords rattle can of Rover Hurricane Grey and drying off.


  8. Jon Nazareth

    Jon Nazareth Western Thunderer

    Transfers on and now waiting for a coat of matt varnish. This will go on next week when the paint has had a good chance of hardening off properly.


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  9. Jon Nazareth

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    All finished now and I won't be making anymore James Nimmo coal wagons :).


    IMG_4308.JPG IMG_4309.JPG
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    What is the history behind this wagon, did J.N. & Co have ex. NBR 3 plank open wagons or is this just a flight of fantasy? I have certainly not seen a picture of one, if you know of one it would be interesting to see it.

  11. Jon Nazareth

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    It is, I'm afraid, a flight of fancy.

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