Scattergun New Class 68

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by 40126, 2 February 2013.

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    Ive just picked this up via Facebook, via Uk trainspotting & Rail Enthusiasts Group.

    The New Class 68. First impression, looks kinda cool :confused: Especially in BLUE :))

    Steve :cool:
  2. mickoo

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    DRS? I'd doubt they'd have enough finances for new locos, especially as they released a load last year due to shrinking contracts, I'd heard on the other hand that GBRf were in the market for new locos and considered the 70 but then opted for a European Bo-Bo design. Could be DRS are piggy backing on that order? From the windscreen up is quite stylish and follows the Euro Lok style but below the windscreen :headbang: Gerbil, Hamster, Chip n Dale spring to mind.
  3. alcazar

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    A BoBo diesel? Will it have a low enough axle load?
  4. Looks a bit like the result, a few months later, of a frisky coupling between classes 67 and 92...
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  5. allegheny1600

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    It reminds me of the head of some sort of insect - quite bizarre on a locomotive!
    Still, I quite like it and it adds some much needed variety to the UK scene.
    John E.
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    Anything that brings a new loco class to the UK and isn't the obligatory GM built machine is much welcome :thumbs:
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    is it perhaps a case of April 1st has come early this year:)):)):))
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    So, who's going to start the obligatory "Tear that model to Bits" discussion....

    How about -
    Unrealistic glossy paint finish.
    Unrealistic plastic handrails (also out of gauge)
    Overscale windscreen wiper
    LED lights too bright
    Visible mold lines
    Blacked out windows to hide motor (as per a Bachmann DMU?)
    Dodgy looking coupling; no NEM mounting box.
    etc etc etc....

    ...and the $1m question... who is the manufacturer..? :confused: :rolleyes: :D:D:D
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    I refer the Honourable Gentleman to my post above


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    I know he was, so I thought I'd join in :) :thumbs:
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  13. Colin M

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    That's gonna be a trickey cab shape for scratch building in 7mm! :confused:
  14. iploffy

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    First time I have seen this posting ITS A GUPPY in blue