4mm Norton Harborough

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  1. Roger Pound

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    Due to circumstances beyond the remit of a hobbyists forum the cancellation of a proposed house move has meant my railway modelling has been resumed but in 4mm! The layout is a new project entirely as I have recently sold off all my continental stock - which has been my pleasure to model for over forty years - having decided that my final efforts whilst I am still able will be to follow the British prototype. A n 8'x6' heated shed with power supply has been adapted and so far boards have been fitted for an 'L' shaped layout. The layout is envisaged as a small loco depot and a yard shared by LMS and LNER locos circa 1944-ish with a narrow gauge feeder from local iron ore workings. Track plans are still in the design stage
    For those who followed the old 7mm Whatborough it is also my intention to rebuild a new 7mm layout. A track redesign,will happen but remain basically as it was, a small branch terminal at a country town, this time with passenger facilities, in the mid to late 1930's. Once again it will be sited in my garage but the onset of winter very soon means work will not start until Spring 2021.

    Keep safe and well everyone and happy modelling to you all.

    (You are never too old to start over!)
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  2. Roger Pound

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    A modest amount of design progress has been made. As I have yet to master drawing facilities on my lap-top the attached pictures will, I hope, give some idea of my intent. I have decided to confirm my ideas to concentrate on a locomotive facility particularly as one always seems to collect locos at a pace whereas rolling stock does lag behind, thus a modest shed and servicing facility seemed the obvious thing to do. My locomotive acquisitions have already doubled my original estimate - just don't tell her indoors.
    Some people draw plans, others lay paper templates, but being a founder member of the OddBods Squad, I like laying track pieces in position to assess the practicality of the design features I wish to have, these being firmly stored in my imagination. This method does have the effect of bringing one out of fairyland and back to earth with the practicality of actually achieving something like one's original thoughts! The afore mentioned pictures show the first attempt - not totally complete as yet - definitely work in progress. Nothing is permanent at this stage and alterations may well be extensive, but it is a start. SAM_2040.JPG SAM_2041.JPG

    To clarify the white circles - these are where a surface sub-board on the old HO layout was spot glued down and have no significance to the present workings. As can be seen, much more to do and then lift all the track-pieces off to lay cork underlay and site point-work controls, not to mention wiring runs (I am sufficiently old fashioned to still use dc analogue - don't pursue that aspect any further please - thank you.). May I just ask for your continued interest, patience and to watch this space.

    Good health and keep safe -

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    Good to see you're making some progress with the re-modelling of East Leicestershire!
    Given that you have the baseboards in situ and the track to hand, it makes sense to do the track planning directly rather than bothering with pencil and paper (or whatever).
    Mind you, it will be interesting to see how the final track plan differs from your intial thoughts......
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    There has been a considerable delay in progress of late due to a combination of factors , principally the extremely wet weather, aided and abettted by a minor seasonal cold (No - not the dreaded virus, thank you for asking!!). However, rather pursuant to Stuarts observations, the original rough panning has been scrapped and the half of the baseboard that featured was lifted and replaced with something just a little wider - about 3 " (75mm if you prefer). It may not seem a lot, but in the confined area that I have at my disposal, it is a considerable help. Re-design is still in progress, but weather and health permitting (we shielded wrinklies must take care you know - HMG says so! :rolleyes:) a revised track design should provide a photo feature in the not to distant future.
    For the present, may i wish those who follow my adventures through model railway land as Merry a Christmas as you can possibly have and the hope of a much improved New Year for us all!

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    After a considerable absence from the 'front line' of designing Norton Harborough - actually I should say re-designing - I managed a short time at the newly positioned boards and got down to a bit of 'hands on' designing placing track parts out, as is my wont. The revised thoughts are to allow some passenger workings -after all, I invested in suitable stock for this at the outset and reduce the yard and sidings as the era is 1944-ish and traffic is very much confined to short trains with equipment for the nearby army and air force establishments. Thus the quick turn round of trains is seen as essential. There is also the factor of locomotive changes as the LMSR and LNER are joint operators of this line and equipment is delivered from areas served by one or the other of these companies and then move in to the opposite company's territory thus a change of loco and brake van is necessary . (You must admit that it is a good excuse for buying locos ;)!) To this end a loco servicing facility is a reasonable requirement to include, but having looked again at the photograph I have a feeling that the loco shed, a survivor from my continental days, whilst a nice model is a bit OTT and I have a feeling that area is up for further modification.
    So there we are: here are the pictures to show what may yet come. To the sharp eyed who my notice the odd bit of track misalignment, I would remind you that the track is loosely placed out and not yet permanent. SAM_2042.JPG
    Towards the buffer stops - the gap in the wall is to allow the installation of relative station structures.

    Leaving Norton Harborough for the wide world beyond - aka the fiddle yard


    The loco shed - the more I look, the more I feel that a single road shed would be more appropriate...........

    Well, there we are gentlemen. Whether circumstances will allow me more time in my railway shed before the New Year I cannot say, but when firmer decisions have b een made together with some real progress, I will report back,,,:cool:

    Best wishes to all,

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