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    I found the lot on line (it's here Vintage Railway Carriage VERY RARE WOULD MAKE A GREAT PROJECT | eBay) and it's certainly interesting. Almost certainly not worth the asking price, but might have enough going for it that it may well appeal to someone.

    The coach has distinctive semi-circular topped doors, which I can't place, and it's actually sitting on an ancient AEC truck chassis, which seems remarkably complete.

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    Met Railway stock also has curved tops to the doors. I agree less likely than GER in that part of the country though. Is there a lot of surfing in Dereham?

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    Open mouthed astonishment...

    I think it’s possible to obtain kits for both vehicles from other sources, I’d guess for less than half these sums.

    nowt so queer as folk.
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    Bidding fever perhaps?
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    Dry mouth, itchy finger.......
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    A truly beautiful model!

    English is such a flexible language. It looks like a saddle tank I made when I was 8 or 9 in approximately O scale but the only wheels I could get were Romfords so near scale apart from too many spokes. Mine was made from zinc sheet just about soldered together then sprayed green from a can. I think it made a one way trip to the tip many years ago.

    The pick ups are a wondrous thing. And it looks like BALL BEARINGS.
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    I don't know about the cattle wagon, but I own the master for the Mica van! I hope to have it back in production in the new year for rather less than this one sold for.

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    I tried to locate who has sold the cattle wagon but couldn't. Meteor perhaps?
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    Is the clue in the location? Being sold with lots of other kits and models from Bournemouth which is just down the road from Poole, as in black hole of ...

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    To be more precise, these look like Adrian Swain's display models and some of his own collection, but the vendor on ebay has made a few errors. For instance the LNWR 0-4-0 saddle tank is nothing to do with ABS Models, but hand built by John Dale and presumably bought by Adrian Swain for his own interest.

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