Rosehearty - GNSR New Aberdour Branch

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by John Duffy, 2 August 2019.

  1. LarryG

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    I have only just come across this thread ~ It's strange how threads pass under the radar on this forum. The colouring is great and it is good to see grass that looks real rather than the forest and clumps of static grass that one so often sees these days. The bucolic essence of the quite branch line has been beautifully captured.

    One slight downside than is easily corrected.....Your chuff-rate needs adjusting (as seen on your vid).
  2. John Duffy

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    Quite right and well spotted Larry. If the truth be told, all four of my engines are still running on default settings. Until recently it has been too cold in the attic to spend the time setting them up, as will take me all day (at least). I love what DCC sound can bring to a layout like Rosehearty but find it one of the dark arts. I suppose we all have those jobs that you tend to put off, well CV29 is in that list for me.

    Thanks for the kind comments

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  3. Joe's Garage

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    John, again love the photos and video. Very nice modelling. At least we have this forum in this lockdown to visit layouts.

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  4. John Duffy

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    I have finally managed to get around to working on the scenery around the goods yard entrance. This was waiting for the signals to go in and with them fitted I got a bit more done. 0AB010A6-0F43-4E4D-A07D-B1C255721EFA.jpeg

    The advantage of building the layout between trusses is that you are forced into the scene. The downside is it’s difficult to show the overall impression.
    In the meantime, some photos around a sleepy wayside yard.



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    Hi John , very well done, the attention to detail is excellent. I was admiring the mortar joints between the stonework on the loading dock and thought that it looked like the joints on my real stonework , i checked and its spot on .
    Cheers Paul
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  6. John Duffy

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    One of the differences with modelling the more northerly areas of Scotland is that stonework tends to be left flush finished. Unlike areas with milder climates where the stonework joints might be pointed, here any recesses that could gather water become susceptible to frost damage and are avoided. I tried a few different methods to get the combination of texture and flush finish, so many thanks for your comment, its much appreciated.

  7. John Duffy

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    This is the view looking over the level crossing.


    and the entrance to the yard;


  8. Pencarrow

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    Very nice, captures the Scottish look really well.
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  9. John Duffy

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  10. John Duffy

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    Heading away from the station and back towards Fraserburgh, the branch passenger saunters past the yard at Rosehearty.


  11. Ian Smith

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    Only just found this thread. Lovely modelling and photography. Very inspirational! It’s so nice to see 7mm set in a landscape.
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  12. John Duffy

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    Fish vans are collected from the yard at Rosehearty and added to the morning goods. They will join many others at Fraserburgh and head south overnight.

    The goods is followed (over an hour later) by the midday run to Fraserburgh.

    Having dropped its goods train at Fraserburgh the R Class then runs the afternoon branch services. Two rounds trips, usually with a single non-corridor in tow, as seen here with a Gresley brake composite still in LNER livery.


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  13. John Duffy

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    A throwback to a long past era;


  14. Joe's Garage

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    As always John I particularly like the old b/w pictures. Lovely models altogether.
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    You appear to be missing G&SWR and HR representatives :).
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  16. Also remember CR

  17. John Duffy

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    Donald, the very first wagon in the picture is a CR 8ton open.

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