Roy C Link - sad news

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by jc2001, 21 November 2020.

  1. jc2001

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    There is some sad news about my friend and exceptional modeller Roy C Link:
    Roy C Link - Sad News

  2. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Sorry to hear that.

    I didn’t know Roy, but enjoyed his writings, and was much inspired in my NG modelling by his Review.

    Kind regards
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  3. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Such sad news, John. One of the finest modellers it's been my privilege to witness on the printed page (mostly) and with the clearest visual style of anyone involved in railway publishing. Another great loss.

    All best wishes,

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  4. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Back in the late 1970s I wrote to Roy asking for information about how he built his model of the steam locomotive 'Excelsior'. He wrote back to me with a set of drawings and also generously included some small detail castings for the boiler and cab. As a skint teenager I was really appreciative of this and later sent him some photos of my finished model and an offer to pay for the castings. Another lovely letter back from Roy refusing payment and instead he made some nice comments about my attempt to model 'Excelsior'. This all made a big impression on me and although I never met him, all I can say is: what a lovely chap.

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  5. Deano747

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    I didn't know him, but always sad to hear the sad news of a fellow modeller. RIP and of course condolences to his friends and family.

    Rob (Deano)
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  6. markjj

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    I only knew Roy when I had a dabble in 0-14mm gauge. I can remember him being so helpful. It's a shame we are losing so many famous faces RIP Roy at least your range lives on to share for the future modellers ;)
  7. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Roy's name came up in conversations with our mutual friend Roy Dock, although I don't think I ever met him at the GEM factory.