Rundle: An oval in a bedroom in Gauge 3

Discussion in 'G3' started by geoff_nicholls, 22 February 2018.

  1. geoff_nicholls

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    Inspired by 76043's activities with Dublingham, I've reactivated an old project: an oval of gauge 3 set track.
    About four years ago, I paid GRS to produce settrack for an eight foot diameter circle, plus one turnout, using their standard method. They use LGB rail for their bespoke rail. My intention was to build a standard gauge feeder for an LGB G scale layout. Then I started building the J65, discovered Cliff Barker track and you lot, and became seriously finescale, so the track got put in a cupboard.
    The J65 is nearly finished, and the layout Aldeburgh Harbour progressing well, but I do miss just sitting and watching a train trundle round an oval. So I dug the track out again. To my eyes a small loco, like the Simplex in the photo, or a Y6 tram looks perfectly acceptable with a short train on a four foot radius curve, especially if your sat in the middle of the circle. (the MRJ is to give some idea of actual sizes)
    However, moving the furniture to lay the track out is a drag, and I wanted more than just unballasted track on the carpet. I've found that if I move my 'proper' layout to one end of the railway room, I can accommodate the circular track on bespoke versions of Grainge and Hodder's curved layout baseboards. There's even room for a bit of scenery (I have the Wantage tramway, Great Yarmouth, or Lowestoft harbour, in mind). The GRS track is very chunky, but the rail head is actually same width as Cliff Barker's fine scale track, so it won't be conspicuous when inlaid in a roadway, or ballasted over the sleepers and overgrown.
    So, I will still pursue the 'serious' modelling, but will be able to indulge my love of steam tramways and light railways. And just sit and watch the trains roll by.

  2. Spitfire2865

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    4' radius, how do the buffers react?
    Would be tempting to have something similar just to layout whenever the fancy strikes.
  3. Yorkshire Dave

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    This will lend itself to a Hellingly Hospital style railway or one serving an Estate farm with plenty of scope for scenic detail.
  4. ceejaydee

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    That could be a lot of fun :thumbs:
  5. 76043

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    Do keep us updated, fun and enjoyment must be why we do all this.

    In a reverse way, I've now got a Dapol 08 and five wagon kits in various states of repair and hope to keep my finescale dream alive!

  6. geoff_nicholls

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    To answer Trevor's question about buffer locking:
    On the circle, or from a straight to a circle, there's no problem with buffer locking with two 17' 6" long wagons. On a reverse curve it gets risky. When I push the wagons through there is no problem, but if I push them sideways as I push them through a reverse curve, I can cause a buffer lock. The answer is to put a straight section 6" to 12" in the middle of the reverse curve.
    As for carriages, the Wantage tramway carriages, with bar couplings would be okay, but two 27' four wheeled carriages is a step too far.
    My aim with the scenic bits, is that viewers will not be aware that the curves are that tight, that they will be shocked to discover the radius is only 4'.
    20170912_163403.jpg 20170912_163353.jpg 20170912_163327.jpg
  7. Spitfire2865

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    Sounds like Im going to start looking to make some radius 1 G3 settrack!
  8. Ian_T

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    A lot of people have this idea that you must have huge radius curves in G3 (even in the garden) when compared to 16mm for instance - but they tend to compare running a G3 'Pacific' with a 16mm 0-4-0 - not exactly a fair comparison.

    I like your "Train Set" Geoff - and so will any Grandchildren (if you have any) - so you might find some 'not-so-finescale' stock might be required for small hands to play with.... ;)


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  9. Mike W

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    Well said Ian.T. Don't recall reading a post of yours on here. If you are new introduce yourself on the relevant section as we like to know about new WTers. And we like to see pictures of what you have done too!

  10. Ian_T

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    I've not posted here before Mike - although as you know, I try to do so regularly at various other forums of interest to me.

    I've been watching this area of WT for some time and have admired the standard of craftsmanship on display here (and in other areas of WT too). Much of my G3 modelling is a bit more mundane I'm afraid and perhaps has a different focus. I liked Geoffs track and the fact that it demonstrates what is possible in G3 with small/industrial stock.

    For instance, my own track is a little different from Geoffs and also quite different to most folk who build G3 Exhibition or Garden Railways. It's a bit like Setrack, as I've built it in sections because I wanted it to be both portable and flexible in use. This will not be eyeryones cup of tea though. I'm working on some B6 turnouts at the moment (but I've placed a standard 'straight' besides one of the B6 trackbeds to give some you some idea of the finished track).

    Enjoy your train-set Geoff - it looks like fun!

    2018-02-23 20.50.57.jpg
  11. geoff_nicholls

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    This train set has now developed into a 9 foot diameter scenic diorama, which will be available for exhibitions hopefully featuring live steam. The photo shows the whole of what will be the scenic half of the layout. It will fit in the back of a car, and be as light as a feather. I shall be attending the 16mm show in Peterborough to find out more about the facilities needed by the live steam crew to run their locos on a track like this.
    The layout is provisionally called 'Roundle' unless someone out there knows of a suitably punning real place name in Essex or Suffolk.
    But it's still basically an indoor train set.
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  12. geoff_nicholls

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    within a couple of hours of the previous post, the boards arrived.

    All checked, all present and correct. They are a bespoke version of Grainge and Hodder's standard curved board, mostly 5mm ply, with 3mm MDF side pieces. Not cheap at £410, well worth it for my purposes. Each board weighs 1.2Kg, so about 4Kg with track and basic scenery.
    Unfortunately I've got to put it all aside, while I add the finishing touches to Aldeburgh Harbour to get it ready for ALSRM Reading in May. This might be its only chance to be properly examined by the Cameo Competition judges, so it needs to look its best.
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  13. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    Well I hope youre happy. Youve made me honestly consider doing this myself. If I were to do it with Cliff Barker track and his slight savings on buying 10 yards in parts, I could get a 4 1/2' radius circle to lay out in the garden in summer for about £150 without shipping. Why must you tempt me?
    Those baseboards look great. Cant wait to see more progress.
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  14. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    4' 6" ? Luxury! you can can passenger carriages on 4' 6". well, you might, if you choose early ones. But reverse curves would be no problem for wagons on that radius.
  15. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    a couple of photos to bring things up to date, and rename the thread. It's booked for the G3 AGM (posted elsewhere) So I must get cracking on it.
    20180524_143551.jpg 20180524_200229.jpg
  16. Scale7JB

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    Despite its early stages, full of character already!

  17. Yorkshire Dave

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    Suffolk - Ringsfield, Ringshall, Rodbridge Corner, Round Maple - and for fun - Rougham, Assington, Bloodsman’s Corner,

    Essex has more 'fun' place names though - Tolleshunt Knights, Two Tree Island, Ugley, Ugley Green,

    I'd name it Moebius (Möbius).
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  18. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    You missed out Matching Green and Matching Tye. I'll check out those other places, in case they have interesting buildings I could use. It would need to be one of those figures of eight which loops round itself to fit your final suggestion, and I don't have the space (or is it the time?)
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  19. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    boards and track laid out on my railway room floor, with a first test train. It runs very nicely. As well as being my train set for me to sit and watch the trains run, it's intended as a G3 Soc demonstration stand, and will be wired for track power for the minority who still use this method.
    I'll be covering the track almost to rail level with thin ply then adding setts for a quayside and a thin layer of ballast and grass for the rest. Very thin low relief buildings will be bolted to the outside(home use) or inside(exhibitions) to add interest.
    The section at the back where the track doesn't meet is a lifting section to allow access. I haven't started making the legs yet.

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  20. Mike W

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    That's a very short lift out section. Only looks like about an inch long.

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