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    That's what I call a real truck, Constructor ?, was it a wrecker or a tractor ?

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    What you see is what it was, Col - 1956 Constructor ballast body tractor. One of 4 x Rolls C6 powered Constructors ordered by M.O.S. for long-term evaluation purposes (but Scammell were already delivering petrol-powered steel bodied units off the gun tractor production order, go figure...). Before manufacture commenced the order was reduced to 2. This is one of the 2, and spent its time at Defence research establishments. A small fleet of almost identical vehicles were obtained by M.O.S. for conveying new Centurion tanks on drawbar trailers from the Vickers factory to army depots.

    I think this is the only wooden body to survive. I really should let it go, but still have a desire to do it up (there's an almost nearly rust-free cab in the back). So far all I've done is made 2 x new air tanks (oh, and freed off and got running the engine) :D

    Interestingly (or otherwise) the order was later revised, re-instating the second 2, to be supplied on bigger 14 x 20 tyres and with a huge winch. They were shipped of to Christmas Island and used to let out and reel in barrage balloons carrying the H bomb detonators as part of the atomic tests out there. I subsequently met one of the Christmas Island drivers, and had the pleasure of taking him to have a drive in a similar Constructor which I'd restored and subsequently sold to a collector. Took him all of a minute to re-master the Scammell box :thumbs:

    I bet you wish you hadn't asked now :))

    MOS Constructor.jpg
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    On the contrary, always interested in the history mate. By the way my Grandfather ( ex air gunner ) was flying crates out to Christmas Island as a Navigator by then, he witnessed the bomb going off from a certain distance, behind a barrier with black out goggles with his back to it and in his words " it just went white " :eek:.
    I'll have to look at his log books ( in the hands of my Aunt ) to see where what he was exactly doing.

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    Well, this has turned out to be an interesting thread. I found another where, I think, most of the variants are in the video at about 5.50 in the film.

    My favourite is definitely the triangular nose.

    Also in this film there is reference to BR vanfits. There don't seem to be many 7mm kits of this, are they just fitted standard 12 ton vans (in their various options)?

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    Nice. There's a battery electric Jen-Tug in there, too. It seems to be working with trailers similar to the Wolverton Coupling, which has the landing legs wider apart than the Scammell type.
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