Side Lines LMS Coaches and Haywood GWR Coaches

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    i agree with you about the ERSA soldering stations. Unfortunately both of them are in the wrong country (the 80 watt is the better of the two).

    So I am going for a reliable but cheaper brand. Should be here later today!

    Edit to say that my soldering stations are older than the one shown, but still excellent and very fast to heat up.
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  2. Peter Cross

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    Simon just looked at the site as I need a new iron. They have sales here so I found out. But typically with anything bought here they assume they're made of gold. Cost to me in Brazil R$3100 plus 100 delivery. That's over £600 think I'll wait till I come to UK again even with 60% duty it's cheaper.
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    Hi Paul,

    that is second only to self-isolating!

    Stay safe and enjoy the City build soon.

    kind regards

  4. Focalplane

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    Oh dear, Mike, what have I done! As the photo at Moor Street shows, I would need the Caledonian Single as well and that might be a stretch too far!
  5. Ressaldar

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    No problem Paul, just tell yourself that the Single is on a different ‘focal plane’:rolleyes:


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    that’s terrifying. I thought the two hundred quid was painful!

    hope you’re all keeping well out there. I’ll stay away from political commentary!!

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    Mike, I really do need to stay in focus. . . .
  8. Focalplane

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    Well, no surprise, the temporary tool kit hasn’t arrived today, so no assembly can begin just yet. In fact a few more sundries have been ordered to make life easier. I am also thinking about other kits, such as a 47xx. They were a common sight at or running by Moor Street, that is, if you stayed up late.
  9. simond

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    And Birkenhead, apparently. The Irish boats brought the cattle over, I remember there was an abattoir next to Woodside landing stage, from where the carcasses were shipped to Smithfield overnight.

    so far, I have the 47xx and three Mica wagons...


    Another thirty or so should do it...

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  10. Focalplane

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    I think the 47xx is a striking loco so it is edging ahead of the City of Truro! Back to the coaches, I am all out of fettling, bending and sorting of parts. I will now start to lose some of the smaller pieces!
  11. Focalplane

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    The basic tool kit has arrived and some progress has been made on the two coaches. Some way to go before any photos can be justified. It's surprising what can be done with very few tools. The Antex 30 watt iron is up to the job so far.
  12. Focalplane

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    I am building the two (identical) coaches together but this shows a slight advance on the first one as I have temporarily fixed the sides to the floor using the 8 bolts and nuts provided in the kit.


    It is not clear from the instructions whether these bolts should be retained or if they are simply to hold the sides to the floor while they are soldered. I favour the latter idea. I can then use the bolts elsewhere!

    Some of the details have been added to the sides and ends but it is clear that they should all be completed prior to soldering everything together to make a box. I shall have the roof section fixed separately so that passengers can be added later.

    The Haywood kit design is very similar to the Side Lines kits, in fact I shall borrow one or two techniques used on the Side Lines coaches to enhance or ease the assembly of these coaches. Although they are not visible, many of the undercarriage fittings have been soldered below the floor. I have only fettled the bogie parts so far. So I suppose assembly is about one third complete.
  13. Focalplane

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    Late last evening I assembled one of the bogies to find that the referenced small coiled springs are not in the box! These springs are similar to those on loco hornblocks. I will contact Haywood today to see what can be done.
  14. Focalplane

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    The basic bogie (no brakes supplied) You can see where the springs should fit.
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  15. simond

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    I suspect you have mis-folded the axlebox on the left in the picture, I think it should be the "other way out" as the one on the right.

    Will Slater's buffer springs do? I guess they are available, from other discussions on here

  16. Focalplane

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    Well spotted, Sir! Not a deliberate mistake but the first axle I folded the axleboxes the "wrong way", forgetting that the general rule is for a 180º fold to keep the fold etches on the outside. Some heavy handed squeezing with a pair of automotive pliers sorted that out! The next job is to source the springs but first option will be Geoff Gill at Haywood. Then Slaters (see below!)

    Not of direct relevance to this thread, but I just placed an order for the 47XX kit. Sanity is hopefully assured for the next few months.
  17. Focalplane

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    I worked on the coach door handles today. They are very nicely turned and finished but are hell to hold in my temporary pair of tweezers. I soldered the first coach sides but used CA glue on the second - much quicker and less painful on the finger tips!

    Realizing that I need more basic tools I sent an order off today, so further progress on the coaches may not be much until better tools arrive. I can cut and measure the under frame, though, so that is next. Haywood provide the sensible solution of 2.5mm x 2.5mm brass strip, much better than folded etch strips.

    I also ordered and had delivered a butane torch kit, so high power soldering is not a problem now!
  18. Focalplane

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    Some progress at last! Two photos show the coach sides bolted to a completed frame. The roof has not been cut to fit!

    98BC1CC9-9F46-4CB9-B2F7-056BAFBDF506.jpeg 83898050-09F1-44B6-BB37-03D610FC584E.jpeg
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    Key components (bogie hornblock springs etc.) seem to be running out of stock, all the more frustrating as I know I have them in my overseas workshop. Work on the coaches is slowly coming to a halt. I will soon have to start yet another project, the 47XX!
  20. LarryG

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    You would probably just as frustrated in the UK if spare parts are running as low as stocks of RTR. Lean (and perhaps expensive) times ahead for rtr-dependents....